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Get Paid to Change the World: 6 Web3 Jobs of 2022 You Haven’t Heard Of

Getting paid to change the world has long been considered an oxymoron, but that’s quickly changing thanks to Web3 jobs, Web3 development jobs, and other new opportunities in the blockchain space. If you’re still stuck in your day job and feel unfulfilled by your daily grind, then read on – these Web3 jobs may be right up your alley. But first, let’s talk about why this industry is so exciting…

You might know that blockchain technology is being used to reinvent the way we think about business, finance, and even government. However, blockchain’s reach doesn’t end there – it also has the potential to create entirely new job categories that don’t yet exist today! Here are 6 highly paid Web3 jobs of 2022 you aren’t aware of yet. If any of these sound interesting to you, make sure to equip yourself with these skills to dominate the Web3 Jobs Market before it gets saturated with more and more people.

One of the most promising aspects of Web3 is that it can change the world and make life better for many more people who never had an opportunity to succeed before.

You’re early!

The following list contains 6 highly paid Web3 jobs that you may have never heard of before but will begin to see more and more in the future as Web3 takes over the Internet as we know it.

Web3 Jobs, You Should Know About In 2022

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6 High Paying Web3 Jobs of 2022

1. Blockchain Developer

Decentralized applications are created by blockchain developers for various platforms, such as Ethereum. They also concentrate on creating decentralized governance systems and designing and implementing smart contract capabilities. They have a thorough understanding of data structures, networking protocols, algorithms, and other computer science and cryptography concepts.

Now, this blockchain development is again subdivided into Core Blockchain Developer and Blockchain Software Developer(Blockchain Engineer).

In short, a Core Blockchain Developer lays the foundation of a blockchain system according to the requirements and looks after the security and the design of the overall blockchain system upon which other blockchain apps are built.

Deep knowledge of cryptography is a must in these fields as it takes care of the security of the system.

2. Blockchain Engineer

There’s a thin line that differentiates between a blockchain developer and a blockchain engineer(dapps creator). As discussed after these Core Developers develop the foundation of the chain and look after its security, now the Blockchain software developers(Engineers) build the dApps (decentralized apps) on it and web varieties.

Think of it like a web developer who uses the existing tools, libraries, and frameworks developed by core web architects to build conventional web apps. It’s kind same. Hope you get the analogy.

In other words, by creating and deploying smart contracts on the blockchain, a dApp developer creates decentralized applications utilizing already available tools.

To become a Blockchain Developer, knowledge of Solidity and Rust is a must.

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3. Smart Contract Developer

A top-paying Web3 job is a smart contract developer. They are needed for work on cryptocurrency platforms and many blockchain companies. They write instructions that allow transactions on the blockchain to happen automatically and make sure that users do not have the rights to spend money they don’t have.

This can lead to high rewards with higher risk. Entry-level Web3 jobs in this field are as security analysts or information security analysts working at cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, or as developers building some part of a cryptocurrency platform.

More experienced web3 developer jobs include managing engineers, full-stack engineers, product managers, project managers, senior software architects, and VP of Engineering.

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4. Artificial Intelligence Systems Engineer

Web3 developer jobs will be in high demand in five years, including Artificial Intelligence Systems Engineer. AI engineers in Web3 need to understand all of the different ways a machine can comprehend data and use this information, how those programs are created, what their capabilities are and what their limitations are.

This is an entry-level Web3 job with no experience needed neither require a degree but does require self-teaching in various areas. Web3 developer jobs at Neto also require an ability to collaborate with others on diverse projects as well as communicate well both verbally and in writing.

They’ll also need to learn how other systems work so they can work effectively together without interfering with each other’s goals.

Web3 jobs with no experience like these are great for those looking for more responsibility without needing more experience or education.

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5. Web3 UI/UX Designer

The same design principles apply to blockchain-based products as they do to all other products. However, there is a problem. You should follow the KISS approach when explaining blockchain to non-technical people: keep it simple, make sure it works, and make it flexible.

Working with programmers to extend the reach of your product will be your responsibility as a Web3 UI/UX Designer.

Do you want to immediately enter the world of blockchain or work as a front-end developer in the web3 jobs industry?

Is it a good time to work as a front-end web developer for web 3?

We believe that the solution is rather obvious when considering the job market and anticipated employment growth. A profession as a web3 frontend developer is perfect right now!

6. Community Manager

Community is the lifeline of Web3!

Contrary to popular belief, community managers are not limited to responding to messages on the Discord server and posting announcements.

A DAO, NFT, or web3 startup’s community manager is in charge of encouraging cooperation and trust among members of the project’s community.

You must set the pace for the project, dispel common misconceptions about it, aid clients, and represent it if you want to be a project leader. In the web3 industry, community management is a non-technical position.

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Web3 Jobs FAQ

How to get a job in Web3?

Web3 essentially employs AI, Data Science, Machine learning, and Blockchain development techniques. Learn this technology to get entry-level web3 developer jobs.

How much do Web3 developers make?

According to statistics web3 developer jobs salary is somewhere around $100k to $140k per year which is above the average salary of many software developer jobs.

What skills are needed for Web3?

For grabbing Web3 jobs you need to be proficient with Blockchain, Rust, Solidity, Data Science, Machine Learning, and a few distributive systems.

Are Web3 developers in demand?

The demand-supply graph is still much saturated for web3 jobs because not many people are not skilled enough or are not aware of the opportunities that web3 provides. The demand for jobs in web3 is rising excessively lately due to the rise of cryptocurrency uses.

Jobs In Web3 Conclusion

Web3 jobs are taking off across various industries including healthcare, finance, insurance, real estate, marketing, legal services, and many more sectors. By starting with entry-level Web3 jobs now you can change your career path down the line!

If you are looking for a way to start your career or a way to branch out and try something new, you should consider one of these entry-level Web3 jobs that can lead to more opportunities. Entry-level web3 jobs may not always pay well, but they offer insight into future careers and allow you more flexibility in what industries you can pursue.

Web3 opportunities are infinite in the coming days. Once you have gained experience, it is much easier to transition into other Web3 jobs areas such as data science, product development, or project management. The web3 industry is also booming with so many opportunities on the horizon!

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