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1. Rank Math SEO

Rankmath is the mind-blowing and FREE SEO WordPress plugin to offer a lot of features which is available in the premium version of other plugins

RankMath you can handle your site SEO, redirects, Analytics, Indexing status,

2. Sitekit

Sitekit By Google is another awesome plugin which you shouldn’t miss out on at any cost.

In the dashboard of the site kit WordPress plugin, you can see all your analytics, AdSense revenue and current traffic regions and a lot more.

3. Updraft Backup

If you are the kind of person that experiments a lot with your blog this plugin is built just for you.

It is the best free plugin for WordPress for backup and restoring your data.

4. WP Form

Amongst the hundreds of plugins to build forms in WordPress WP Form is the best WordPress plugin

It features a simple drag and drops feature to add fields or buttons in the forms which any beginner can do without any coding knowledge

5. Akismet Spam

Akismet is a free anti-spam plugin for WordPress though it also has a premium version for large businesses.

 On average Akismet blocks out 75,00,000 spam per hour.

6. Smush Image

Switch to Smush if you are already using any of the image optimizer WordPress plugins for free.

Image compression & optimisation is automatically performed by this best image optimizer WordPress plugin Smush.

7. Ad Inserter

How do you insert an ad if you are not a developer?

This free WordPress advertising plugin supports Google Adsense, Ad manager,, Infolinks etc.

8. Litespeed Cache

This free cache plugin for WordPress works by caching your pages and posts into the server and also locally in the user’s browsers.

Litespeed cache is the best cache plugin for WordPress for free.

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