5 SEO Tips for Blog Website

Which can make or break your Blogging Journey

1. Effective Blog Post Title

An excellent blog post title increases the relevance of your article to the search query.

2. Internal Linking As a Habit

Internal linking is an excellent technique to establish a contextual relationship between new and old content.

3. Add Meta Description

Its objective is to give search engines and other crawlers with a brief description of your article.

4. Optimize with Categories & Tags

Categories and Tags helps your readers as well as the search crawlers to understand the structure of the blog.

5. Target Featured Snippets

If you can rank for featured snippet you don't need to worry about traffic ever.

6. Reformat Old Posts

Reformatting old content helps the search crawlers to re-index them to show in search results.

7. Write Post Comprehensively

Writing posts with all the details as a long form content helps you stay ahead of the crowd.

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