8 Tips to get Google Adsense approval Easily

By geekyprofessor.com

#1. Don't Miss Basic Pages

Pages like Privacy, Terms & Conditions, Cookie Policy, Disclaimer, About us are mandatory.

#2. Quality  Content 

As they say content is king there should be no compromise with the post quality.

#3. Don't Copy 

If you copy paste other sites you'll never ever get adsense approval cause google hates scraped content.

#4. Avoid illegal Content

If you are writing about hate speeches and banned content then adsense will not get approved.

#5. Publish  Content

Publishing new content while the verification process is going on will make it faster and have high chances of approval.

#6. Minimum  15 Post

After writing atleast 15 post you need to apply for the adsense otherwise you will get low quality content error.

#7. Supported  Languages

Check if the language you are writing the posts is supported by google or not ?

#8. Organic  Traffic

Its better you apply for adsense after your site has good organic traffic coming from SEO.

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