5 Best Adsense Alternatives

In 2022 which you must consider.

Direct competition for AdSense is provided by Yahoo and Bing's Media.net. It is one of the biggest contextual ad networks on the planet 

1. Media.net

One billion users can be reached through the huge ad network PropellerAds, which provides a variety of advertisements including banners, sponsored links.

2. Propeller Ads

It's important to note that in order for your site to qualify for Adversal, it must have its own domain name, receive at least 50,000 monthly pageviews, and not have any login restrictions.

3. Adversal

With the help of Monumetric, a full-service ad revenue partner, you can raise your site's income while still providing the greatest possible user experience for your visitors.

4. Monumetric

The ads are entirely adjustable and give a unique positioning to boost click-through rate without interfering with the website's style and feel.

5. InfoLinks

Adsterra provides excellent advertising choices for both publishers and advertisers, allowing them to experiment with methods other than Google.

6. AdsTerra

AdClickMedia is a digital advertising firm that provides CPM and PPC advertising solutions to advertisers and website owners all over the world.

7. AdClickMedia

By avoiding Adblocks, AdRecover intends to change this by collaborating with adblock providers to offer static, non-intrusive, UX-compliant ads.

8. AdRecover

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