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Want To Recover Deleted Message From Whatsapp In 2023 [Know this Hidden Trick]

Recover Deleted Message From Whatsapp In 2022

To Recover Deleted Message From Whatsapp is a little tricky process. But worry not we are here to simplify it for you. Since Whatsapp launched the “Delete For Everyone” feature, there has been a huge spike in “How to see deleted message in Whatsapp” search numbers. This deleting feature allows the user to delete any message within 60 minutes after it has been sent. This is a very useful feature though in case the message contains typos or is sent to the wrong recipient.

But as the normal human tendency always goes to search for the unknown, we want to read the deleted WhatsApp message now. So let’s dive in and see “How to recover deleted message from WhatsApp?”

Types Of Whatsapp Messages

Before jumping off, let’s have a look at the type of WhatsApp message available to us. A Whatsapp message can contain plain text, photos, videos, audio voice notes, gifs, and stickers generally. It is very much possible to recover deleted messages from Whatsapp of all types. If you perform the steps mentioned below exactly, you can get back the deleted message in no time in the window of your phone.

In this post, we will show you how to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp, which uses a third-party app called WAMR. The steps to see a deleted message on WhatsApp without any app is already discussed here. If you have android version 11, you may give that post a look.

Download WAMR – To Recover Deleted Message From Whatsapp

how to see deleted messages on whatsapp
Recover Deleted Message From Whatsapp through WAMR, Credit: Playstore

Please note download WAMR directly from the play store or the below link, redirecting you to the play store. Don’t download from any third-party websites for your safety. This app contains ads, so you need to bear with it for using its functionality.

Recover Deleted Message From Whatsapp using WAMR

1. After installing WAMR, you need to select the apps which you need to monitor. In our case select WhatsApp to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages only.

2. Once the WAMR gets installed it works in the following ways – You receive a message from a sender, The sender deletes the message, WAMR Recovers the message be it text, audio, video anything and sends you a notification.

recover deleted msg in whatsapp
Recover Deleted Message From Whatsapp through WAMR

3. After someone deletes a message, WAMR will show you a notification like this below. Then you just have to open the app and you will be able to see the deleted message. WAMR home screen looks similar to that of Whatsapp, on the second tab you can find all deleted messages.

Recover Deleted Message From Whatsapp
Recover Deleted Message From Whatsapp through WAMR

Remember the app has access only to your notification, so it can’t modify your messages nor can access it. If the Auto-Download feature is on WAMR will automatically download the media as soon as someone sends it. WAMR stores the media in the app, so it doesn’t matter then if the sender has deleted the text/media. This app uses the caching technique to get hold of the deleted messages.

Another cool feature of WAMR is that you can download Whatsapp status with it.

If you want to avoid all these app installation processes and want to do it the native android way, you can see How To See Deleted Messages On Whatsapp Without Any App?

Limitation Of WAMR App

If you have muted any chat in Whatsapp, in this case, a notification won’t be generated, so WAMR can’t recover deleted messages from Whatsapp for muted chats.

If you are present in the chatbox and the other user deletes a message, WAMR cant recover it.

WAMR can’t recover deleted messages from Whatsapp which has been deleted before you installed WAMR.

These are some note-worthy restrictions of the app. Please keep these points in mind, so that you can recover deleted messages successfully.

Recover Deleted Message From Whatsapp FAQ

Can I get back deleted messages on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can get back all deleted text and other media files through the WAMR app.

How can I recover my deleted WhatsApp messages?

Just install the WAMR app from the play store, and select Whatsapp on the welcome screen. From the next time onwards if you receive a deleted message WAMR will recover it for you. You can see the message by opening the app.

How do I recover deleted messages in WhatsApp if I didn’t back up the messages?

If you have already the WAMR app installed on your smartphone, then it’s very easy just to open the WAMR app, it will have records for everything. But obviously, you can’t take back those messages to WhatsApp.

Are deleted WhatsApp messages gone forever?

No, your notification logs have a record of everything which also includes the WhatsApp messages notifications. If you can access the notification logs your job is done. Some third-party apps like WAMR, whatsremoved+ can help you to do that.

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