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Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency App to Trade In 2022

best crypto app

Cryptocurrency, or crypto as it’s more commonly referred to, has taken the world by storm over the past few years, and everyone from traders to investors is working hard to figure out how to make money from it. While there are plenty of ways you can get involved in crypto investment, one of the most popular ways has been through mobile cryptocurrency apps that make it easier than ever to buy and sell cryptocurrencies whenever you like.

And it is really a tedious process to make the best choice of the best app for buying crypto after all it’s a matter of your hard-earned money. So here we present the 5 Best Cryptocurrency App to Trade in so to help you in the crypto journey.

Best Crypto Currencies to Invest In | Which cryptocurrency is best ?

Investing in cryptocurrencies can be a fruitful endeavour, but you need to invest wisely and select coins that are suited to your risk-reward threshold. With so many different coins and ICOs out there, it’s hard to know where to start. Here is a list of some best cryptocurrencies that you should consider investing in if you want to make money from cryptocurrency:

Bitcoin: Bitcoin remains king when it comes to cryptocurrency; people just like the name Bitcoin, and investors continue to add dollars into Bitcoin as its value continues to climb higher.

Ripple: The Ripple coin ($XRP) has shown some serious growth over recent months, with Ripple seeing its market cap grow almost 4000% over 2017 alone. While it doesn’t have quite as wide acceptance as Bitcoin or Ethereum, there could still be room for significant growth.

Litecoin: While one might see Litecoin ($LTC) as a little brother to $BTC, LTC users are able to transact much faster than $BTC holders—often hundreds of times faster! And while these transactions happen much more quickly and efficiently, they also cost much less than BTC transactions. Why? Well, LTC uses something called script rather than SHA256 which is used by bitcoin. This means that because Scrypt favours large amounts of high-speed RAM instead of raw processing power (like SHA256), FPGA/ASIC devices will never be able to mine litecoins at anywhere near the same efficiency levels as they can bitcoins.

5 Best Cryptocurrency App To Trade Crypto:

Best Cryptocurrency App: CoinDCX:Bitcoin Investment App

best cryptocurrency trading app
Courtesy: Playstore

This app features:

  1. Interactive user interface for new cryptocurrency investors.
  2. Simple bitcoin app to buy cryptocurrency in India
  3. Easy and secure deposit and withdrawal of INR funds
  4. Intuitive cryptocurrency investment dashboard to track your investments
  5. Cryptocurrency watchlist to track prices of multiple cryptocurrencies easily
  6. ‘Price Alerts’ feature to set alert for favourite crypto such as Bitcoin(BTC)

This app charges a 0.2% nominal fee on deposits and withdrawals.

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Best Cryptocurrency App: WazirX : Buy Bitcoin & Crypto

best cryptocurrency trading app
Courtesy: Playstore

This app features

1. Trade 100+ tokens in highly liquid INR, WRX, USDT, and BTC markets
2. Deposit/Withdraw INR funds instantly and 24×7
3. Used and trusted by both first-time investors and professional traders
4. WazirX has the highest liquidity in the INR market in India
5. Lowest withdrawal fee in India starting from zero
6. Best-in-class app security

This app is growing at a rapid rate with a user base of over 80 Lakh. And it supports buying and selling Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC) and over 250+ cryptocurrencies.

Best Cryptocurrency App: Unocoin Indian Crypto Exchange

best cryptocurrency app
Courtesy: Playstore

This app features:

  1. Lending
  2. Earn Interest
  3. SBP
  4. Paper Wallet
  5. Crypto Converter
  6. Netki
  7. Auto Sell and many more.

Unocoin supports 50+ coins to choose from and it is trusted by millions. It also provides courses for beginner and advanced level traders in the app. Trusted by millions and loved by all, you can sell, swap, and buy crypto assets like Bitcoin, Doge, Shiba Inu, Ethereum and over 50+ coins on the Unocoin app.

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Best Cryptocurrency App: ZebPay Crypto Exchange

crypto app with lowest fees
Courtesy: Playstore

Over a 5 million user base, this app offers to trade in 50+ cryptocurrencies and INR pairs.

Some of them are:

Shiba Inu Coin – SHIB / INR
Dogecoin – DOGE / INR
Cardano – ADA / INR
Binance Coin – BNB / INR
WazirX – WRX / INR
Tether – USDT / INR
Decentraland MANA / INR and many more.

With the highest level of security, this app ranks 4th on our list of Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency App to Trade-In 2022. Features like cold wallets, robust internal controls, 3rd party security testing and more make the app most secure for crypto trading.

Best Cryptocurrency App: CoinSwitch: Bitcoin Crypto App

Best Cryptocurrency App
Courtesy: Playstore

This app features:

  1. Built for the use of Beginners as well as Experts for an easy crypto investment
  2. Simple and user-friendly user interface
  3. Users can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies safely without compromising their privacy
  4. Updated and on top with crypto news on the app
  5. Buy from a variety of 100+ cryptos conveniently with India Rupees

It supports 100 cryptos to trade with like CoinSwitch Kuber supports more than 100 cryptos, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple, Solana, Tether, XRP, Polkadot, Dogecoin and many more. With a user-friendly and easy user interface, you can trade cryptocurrencies with a seamless and unified platform that streamlines the process. 

This sums up our list of Best Cryptocurrency App to Trade-In 2022. Now let’s look at the way you should invest in it and how to invest securely.

How To Invest In Cryptocurrency ? | Should I Invest In Crypto ?

If you want to make money investing in the best cryptocurrency apps, you need to be very careful. There are scammers and charlatans out there who will gladly take your hard-earned cash and run off with it. Luckily, there are also legitimate sources of information that will help you invest wisely.

They’ll even tell you how to avoid fraudsters looking to fleece a newbie like yourself. Follow these tips closely, and you can have an app up and running in no time! Just remember: Like most things worth doing well, cryptocurrency trading takes time and effort to master.

Don’t rush into anything until you know what you’re doing or someone else has already done it for you (in which case we still recommend caution). Remember, only trade with money you can afford to lose. That way, when everything goes horribly wrong—and it might—you won’t go broke if things fall apart quickly. It could happen; it’s happened before! Be safe rather than sorry! Invest wisely!

Is It Safe To Invest In Cryptocurrency Apps

Now you’re excited about cryptocurrencies, and also by now you know all the best cryptocurrency apps, but how can you protect your investment? You need to know where to store your cryptocurrency funds safely. It’s a good idea to set up multiple storage accounts as well as a secondary emergency fund in case anything happens. It’s also crucial that you use two-factor authentication and make sure that your passwords are difficult to crack.

If possible, avoid using hot wallets and instead opt for cold storage devices like USB drives or paper wallets (which are not connected to an internet connection). Of course, one of the best things you can do is diversify—avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket by investing only a little bit in each currency rather than betting it all on just one kind of coin. Have fun investing! (PS: Check out our top apps of 5 Best Cryptocurrency App here).

Which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in?

1. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) 
2. Avalanche (AVAX) 
3. Maker (MKR) 
4. Ethereum (ETH)
5. Chainlink (LINK) and so on.
However, owner research is required before investing.

Is crypto a good investment?

In simple words, it is a risky investment.

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