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The only hashtags hack for Instagram growth 2022

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The Instagram algorithm is really hard to figure out to boost your Instagram growth. In fact, it keeps on changing every other day. Hashtags are your only trump card to target the right audience and boost Instagram growth. The use of hashtags can make or break your Instagram journey to be a top-notch influencer. So right use of hashtags is very much essential for all of your posts.

Along with the right hashtags, it is also important to place the hashtags in the right place. If you know you can place your hashtags only in the caption and in the comments then you are mistaken.

There is another place for you to put your Instagram hashtags that you probably missed which can boost your posts reach significantly.

This section is known as Instagram ‘ALT TEXT‘ hidden inside the ‘Advanced settings option. We will be showing you how to fill this ALT TEXT field to boost your Instagram growth in 2022. This is one of the hidden features of Instagram that very few people are aware of. Let’s dive in.

Instagram growth hack by filling ALT TEXT- Step by step tutorial

1. Select your Instagram image to upload

2. Fill the caption and hashtags

3. Copy the set of Instagram Hashtags from the caption

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4. Click on Advanced Settings present at the bottom of the screen

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5. Click on Write Alt text

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6. Paste the copied Instagram hashtags set in the ALT TEXT field

7. Click on share to post the image having ALT TEXT

Instagram growth hack with hashtags last words

Using this technique for your Instagram growth journey you will have your hashtags in two different places. So, it would be easier for the algorithm to scan your post for those hashtags. And more likely for the post to get ranked on Instagram.

As an extra tip always fill in your Instagram hashtag relevant to your post topic keeping in mind the people you want to reach. If it reaches the wrong set of people it might have an adverse effect on your growth. The Instagram algorithm might penalise you if your targeted group doesn’t engage well with your post.

Try using an Instagram hashtag analyser tool to know the hashtags having the highest engagements.

And, to make the post clean you can try putting your hashtag in the first comment instead of in the caption. Putting hashtags in the caption may look messy to some users sometimes. Additionally, according to a survey if hashtags were used in the comments of the post user engagement increases by many folds.

We hope this technique would improve your Instagram reach and would boost your Instagram profile. If it worked let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to share.

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Instagram growth FAQ

Do hashtags work on Instagram 2022?

Instagram hashtags are the only way to reach the targeted audience for your niche. So, it’s very essential to use the right set of hashtags to boost user engagement.

How do you get the hashtag suggestions on Instagram?

Hashtag suggestions are auto-populated in the caption field when you start typing the first few letters of the tag. Select the tag that has the highest engagement.

How do you create an effective hashtag?

The rules for hashtags are- research weel for the hashtags with the highest reach, keep hashtags short, don’t make a typo in the hashtags and the hashtags should reflect your brand.

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