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Syllabus of BARC for Computer Science 2023 [Latest]

BARC Syllabus for Computer Science 2023

The complete Syllabus of BARC OCES/DGFS exam for Computer Science is discussed with the previous year’s questions available for download which is scheduled to happen on 1st or 2nd April 2023.

BARC has begun accepting online applications for scientific officer positions through the OCES/DGFS 2023 academic program. Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements can apply online from Feb 1st to March 2nd, 2023. The direct link to apply for the BARC Scientific Officer position is provided below.

BARC refers to the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, which is India’s premier multi-disciplinary nuclear research facility based in Mumbai, India. It is a research center in the field of atomic energy and is responsible for conducting research and development in various areas such as nuclear technology, engineering and design, and the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. The center also carries out research in other areas such as accelerator technology, radiation technology, and environmental science. BARC is an important institution in the country and plays a crucial role in the development of India’s nuclear power program.

BARC Syllabus for Computer Science 2023 | BARC CS Syllabus | Syllabus for BARC CS | Syllabus of BARC CS

As we know for the recruitment of Scientific Officers, BARC holds a separate exam, the BARC OCES/DGFS Online Exam, in addition to the GATE. The online exam will be administered in multiple shifts based on the time slot chosen. Candidates who pass the BARC Examination are eligible for a position as a Scientific Officer in BARC.

We created this BARC Exam Syllabus page for Computer Science to help with that. Here at, we have provided a rough idea of the BARC Syllabus for Computer Science Engineering 2023 for effective exam preparation.

BARC syllabus for Computer Science 2023|BARC syllabus for CSE

syllabus of barc 2023 computer science
Syllabus of BARC Computer Science

BARC syllabus for CSE and Topics

Below we have given the tentative syllabus BARC syllabus for Computer Science: (Syllabus of BARC CSE).

  1. Algorithms
  2. Programming and Data Structures
  3. Computer Networks
  4. Computer Organization and Architecture
  5. Databases
  6. Operating System
  7. Digital Logic
  8. Theory of Computation & Compiler Design
  9. Discrete Mathematics
  10. Software Engineering
  11. Engineering Mathematics: Probability, Differential Equations, Laplace, Linear Algebra, Calculus.

In addition to all these Syllabus of BARC questions from C++, Java, Machine Learning, AI, and 8085 Microprocessor have also been asked in the last few years. So prepare them as well.

Note: The Syllabus of BARC CS exam contains no aptitude questions. Only the technical portion is required.

For BARC CS Recruitment form fill-up, notifications refer here

BARC Exam Pattern for Computer Science Engineering 2023 | BARC syllabus 2023|BARC Online Exam Pattern

  1. The BARC Exam will be completed online.
  2. The online examination only includes multiple-choice questions (objective type)
  3. There are 100 questions in total on the paper.
  4. The exam lasts two hours in total.
  5. Each question is worth three points.
  6. For each incorrect answer, one mark will be deducted (Negative Marking)
  7. Although physical calculators are not permitted in the BARC exam, virtual calculators will be available on your terminal.

BARC Previous Year Question Paper with Answer PDFs for CS | BARC Scientific Officer Previous Papers

BARC Previous Years’ Question Papers with Answer PDFs for Computer Science(BARC previous year question paper for scientific officers) are available for download from a PC or mobile phone by clicking on the provided link. Please check the Syllabus of BARC Computer Science 2023 and BARC Scientific Officer Previous Papers before preparing.

Note: The BARC exam will follow the same format as the GATE exam. The BARC Recruitment written exam will be completed online and will consist of multiple-choice questions.

Syllabus of BARC Computer Science 2023 FAQs | BARC exam syllabus FAQs

Is it easy to clear the BARC CS exam?

BARC is of GATE-level difficulty. So if you are well prepared for the gate it’s easy.

What are the subjects other than the GATE syllabus needed in Computer Science?

A few questions from Software Engineering, Machine Learning, AI, and 8085 processor is asked in the past years.

Is there a negative marking in the BARC Computer Science exam?

Yes. For each incorrect answer, one mark will be deducted from your final score.

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