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Old Photo Restoration (100% Working): How to Restore Old Photos Online with AI


If you’ve got old photographs of family and friends that you’d like to restore, and wondering how to restore old photos? Well, it’s not as hard as you might think. This handy guide walks you through the various steps involved in taking your old photos from worn and torn to clear and crisp again, no matter what condition they’re in or how much care they need. Even if your photos are so badly damaged that it looks like there’s nothing left to save, there are still steps you can take at free or little cost to restore old photos of yours with the power of AI.

You’re not alone, we all have old photos sitting in boxes somewhere. Many people struggle to find the time to scan their photo albums and keep the images safe, especially if they don’t know how to restore old photos online and save them in an easily accessible way.

Thankfully, with this guide on restoring old photos online, you can do just that simply with a click with this powerful AI engine for free! Whether you’re looking to rescue and save old family photos or resurrect pictures of your grandparents before they were married, we’ll show you what to do and how to do it right so your treasured memories last forever.

Before diving in there are some points you need to know.

Why restore old photos online for free?

Restoring old photos can be expensive if you take them to a shop or use a service like fiver or Well, there are now a number of apps that you can use to restore old photos for free. However not all the apps give the same result when you feed them with an old image to restore.

Because there are a ton of factors responsible for how the final image will look like after you restore old photos, some of them are: the resolution of the input image, scratches in the image, missing portions, noise in the image (conventionally which we call grains in the image) and how the old photo was digitised with a scanner or an android app.

After a whole week of researching, we found a few apps and sites which use Artificial Intelligence Engines to restore old photos. As this old photo restoration task is performed by an AI engine it almost nullifies the effects of the factors discussed above. Even then it is advised that you use a decent physical scanner to scan your old photos instead of an android scanner app to get the best results.

This blog post will show you how to use one of these sites for this old photo restoration task. We’ll then compare the quality of the restored photo to the original and see what features the app offers in terms of restoring old photos. Finally, we’ll discuss whether it’s worth spending money on the app or using your own Photoshop skills to restore your old photos at home.

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How Artificial Intelligence can help you to restore old photos?

The past year has been a big one for artificial intelligence. From AlphaGo beating the world’s best human players at the ancient Chinese board game of Go to Facebook’s chatbot passing the Turing test to help people with disability find the right words to express themselves, the technology is continuing to surprise and delight us. And now it’s starting to help restore old photos too.

If you have read our previous post where we talked about how you can generate a complete blog post for your website using AI you would know the power of AI and how it is getting into every sphere of our life.

Read the post here.

Artificial intelligence has been able to help people restore old photos and bring them back to life. It has been able to detect subtle changes in old photographs, such as the disappearance of hands or the ageing of the skin. Let’s now dive in on how we can restore old photos online using AI.

How to restore old photos online: Step by Step Process

Lets begin the old photo restoration work. Follow the same steps

Step 1: Select your favourite old photo to restore.

restore old photos

In our case, we are choosing this old photo to restore online with AI. Clean the dirt, particles and any scratches in the photo before putting it in the scanner. Otherwise, the dirt will interfere with the light of the scanner inside and will add unnecessary noise to the image.

Step 2: Scan the photo to begin the old photo restoration work.

restore old photos

It’s time that you put the photo carefully in the scanner after clearing all the dirt on it. Scan the image into the best resolution possible and save it into a jpeg (jpg) extension preferably.

Please don’t use a smartphone image scanner app to scan the image or else your output image can be worse than the old image. As those apps use the mobile lens to scan the image they can’t capture the real resolution of the image and also the scanned image will be darker in most of the cases.

Step 3: Visit the Hotpot AI site from Google or from the link below.

You need to visit the hotpot AI website to use the AI engine to restore old photos online from here or search it on Google. After you have opened the link to Hotspot AI you will be presented with a screen as above. Now our real deal of old photo restoration begins.

As we said before after a week-long finding we came up with this web app for restoring old photos. Out of all the sites and apps we checked out this provides the best result on how to restore old photos without photoshop. Let’s see the further steps and then we will compare the results.

Step 4: Upload your Old Photo and turn on the Scratch setting

restore old photos free online

Now it’s time to upload the old photos to restore them. So just upload the old photo and most importantly if the photo has marks and scratches turn on the scratch settings to smoothen the old photo. After you’ve uploaded and turned on the setting click on the upload button to start the old photo restoration process.

Step 5: Wait for 5 sec to get the output.

restore old photos free online

The AI engine can take some 5-6 seconds to process the uploaded photo. Just sit back, relax and let the AI do the work. After some time the system will give you the restored old photo click on the image to view it full screen and download. If you are not satisfied with the result upload the downloaded image and repeat the process.

restore old photos without photoshop

You can see above the image is already looking enhanced and smoothened. Well, now an important aspect of old photo restoration is to colour it right? So how can we leave that out? Let’s now proceed with the colouring process to restore old photos completely.

Step 6: Click on the Colorize button below.

restore old photos without photoshop

As you can see you have this “Colorize” button below the resulting image in the previous step. Yes, you need to click that and again wait for the old photos restoration work this time wait for the colouring process to finish. Hardly will take 7-8 seconds depending on the size of your uploaded old photo to restore.

This is one of the rare software that restores old photos including colourising the old photos which is a premium feature in most apps. Here you can restore old photos for free as you can see including the colour part.

Step 7: Set the Colorization factor and the Size.

old photos restoration

The most crucial step here is to set the colourization factor and the size. The colourization factor determines to what extent the old photo is to be coloured using the AI engine and next sets the size of the output image. Optimally you should keep the colourization factor in the range of 18 to 20 to get the best results to restore old photos using the AI.

Step 7: Click on the coloured image to download the restored old photo.

restore old photos online

Ok, so it’s time when you’ll get the final coloured and restored photo. Exciting right? to see how your old torn photo comes to life so we are. You need to just click on the coloured image and it will open on a full screen. Download the restored old photo from there using the “Save Image As” option.

It’s great right? to restore old photos without knowing photoshop at all and that too for free. So what you are waiting for? open all your old buckets filled with old memories and bring them back to life with this guide. And don’t forget to share this guide with your friends, families and Colleagues.

Please note that the Free version of this app for restoring old photos supports only colonizing the limited size photo so you cant colourize to restore old photos in full size in the free version. As a result, you will see a resolution drop in the colourized photo but it’s absolutely alright in the previous step when we pressed the restore button without colouring it. You need to pay a little amount to buy credits to colourize the old photo in full size.

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Comparison of Old Photo vs Restored-Colorized Photo

restore old photos online

As you can see the result yourself there’s nothing to compare as such. But a few points need to be highlighted as you can see in the old photo Restoration process the lines and scratches have disappeared mostly, the remaining you need to experiment with the colourisation factor to omit them completely.

The background and foreground colours have been intelligently chosen by the AI engine to bring life to the photo. And the photo has been smoothened a lot it seems as the borders and the boundaries are clearly visible and distinct.

We guess they are providing more than what we expected out of a free plan right? If you feel the same comment below. As now you know how to restore old photos online with AI share this guide among your friends cause they too deserve this powerful AI engine to restore old photos online.

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Restore Old Photos Online Free FAQs

How to restore old photos online?

You can restore old photos online by visiting and using their AI engine to restore photos.

What is the best app to restore old photos?

So far is the best web app to restore old photos online for free

How to restore old damaged photos?

Old damaged photos are easily restored for free by the powerful photo restoring AI engine. Just visit the site, upload your old photos and get them restored.

How to restore old photos without photoshop? 

You can easily restore old photos with’s AI engine without the knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. With just two clicks you can restore old photos using this free AI tool.

How to restore the old windows 10 photos app?

Open the site from any browser in windows 10. Upload your old photos one by one to get them restored and colourized for free online.

So by now, you’ve learnt how to restore old photos online with AI and cleared all your doubts through the FAQ section. So don’t pay for expensive Fiverr people and freelancers for this simple task of old photos restoration work.

Please drop your comments, feedback, and suggestions down below. We would be more than happy to hear from you. And subscribe to the push notification to stay updated every time we post new content.

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