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Realme Magdart a new name in the world of Smartphone Charging of 2022.

realme magdart

In a recent demo, Realme showcased its first concept model smartphone Realme Flash which will be featuring the Realme Magdart Magnetic Wireless Charging for the first time amongst all other android brands. It featured the massive 50W Magdart Flash Charging, mini 15W Magdart Charger, a Magdart Power Bank and a Magdart Wallet. As Realme says it is a “Mag for the future”. Though we are not witnessing Magnetic Charging for the first time in Realme, if we recall Apple’s Magsafe already implemented this technology. Though Realme claims that Realme Magdart will be way faster than Apple’s Magsafe, it’s just a matter of time when the results are vivid.

Realme Magdart Specification

Talking of the Realme Magdart Specs it will be launched in two variants first one is a massive 50 W charger. The whooping 50 W Magdart can charge a 4500 mAh battery in less than an hour as claimed. It consists of a USB Type-C port connected to the power supply.

As claimed by the company will be faster than the Apple Magsafe. In fact, it will be the fastest charger of android smartphones. It is so efficient at charging that it provides an undisturbed gaming experience and flash charging both can be achieved at the same time.

The most mind-boggling thing is not yet revealed guess what? Like your desktop PC, ‘s have a fan to help in the cooling process of the CPU this realme made Magdart too will have one so as to prevent any heating while charging and to maintain a steady airflow. It maintains the same high charging power for a longer time with this airflow system.

Realme 15W magdart charger concept
Realme 15W Magdart Charger Concept

Well, Realme cares about your comfort, so they designed a mini 15 W travel charger too so that you don’t need to always carry the hefty 50 W with you. Strong power in a slim body isn’t it. Having a thickness of 3.5 mm it can charge a 4500 mAh battery in less than one and half hours.

Realme Magdart Powerbank

And to take that comfort of Magnetic Wireless Charging to the next level they also designed a Two-way Magdart Power Bank. To get a seamless charging experience with your Magdart you can carry around the power bank anywhere and also can be fitted in a charging base more of a mobile stand so that mobile can be charged also when it’s idle in the stand.

Realme Magdart Wallet

The surprise doesn’t end here though, how about a wallet designed by Realme itself. Yes, you heard me right Realme Magdart Wallet is now in the limelight. So why did they design a wallet in the first place and that too a magnetic wallet? Because to protect your most valuable cards. Made of white vegan leather it can hold up to 3 cards at a time and by this, you no longer needs to worry about your beloved cards. Also, the wallet has a kickstand to hold your phone up on a desk when watching a movie or in a video call.

Magdart Beauty Light

It is specially designed for portrait photography in the Magdart compatible Realme phones. The magdart beauty light comprises 60 LED’s provides a uniform and strong enough lighting condition to click selfies.

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Magdart case for Realme GT

As of now Realme GT only supports wired charging but with the new Magdart technology Magnetic charging is possible here too. How? Just with a magnetic smartphone case for the GT smartphone Wireless Magnetic charging can be made compatible here also.

Realme Flash Specification (Expected)

Screen Size :6.7 inch
Display : E4 sAMOLED QHD+
Processor : Snapdragon 888+ SoC
Battery : 4500 mAh
Rear Camera : Two 50MP IMX766 sensors and 2MP sensor. 
Front Camera: 32MP IMX615 sensor
Speculated Specs of Realme Flash

At the end of the day, Wireless charging is still in its experimental phase and its long term review is yet to be available. As of now, let’s hope that it can meet our expectations. The launch date for Realme Magdart India and Magdart Price is yet to be declared.

For more details visit the official page here.

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