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Is Starlink Available In India? | Starlink India | Starlink Internet India

cost of starlink in india

The private US company Space X launching its Starlink Broadband Service all over the world lately. According to rumours it is launching in India soon, but no conclusive reports have been found. Starlink said that they have deployed 1800 and more satellites and once the satellites reach their operational orbit, it can provide global broadband service. The private US space company confirmed Starlink Broadband will be available globally by September 2021. In the meantime, the Starlink Broadband service is already live in the US, Australia, New Zealand and undergoing the Beta testing phase. Is Starlink available in India let’s Find out.

how much will starlink internet cost in india

Starlink is a project of SpaceX which have 1000 satellites already in the orbit to beam down the internet to their consumers. So if you are wondering how fast is Starlink broadband? The broadband service provided in the US speed ranges from 50 Mbps to 150 Mbps with a negligible latency of 20 ms to 40ms. Owing to its popularity SpaceX Starlink Broadband managed to receive 500,000 preorders in the month of May. And the company claimed that Starlink will be out of beta testing this summer.

Starlink India

In India, Starlink has been directed to acquire all the required licenses before providing any services by the DOT ( Department of Telecommunication ). Dot has no restriction for Space X to start its services in the country but it must comply with all the laws and gather all licenses and authorization before offering Satelite Broadband services to Indian customers.

Starlink India Launch Date

How to get Starlink internet in India? This question is revolving around the internet. Let’s find the answer. Starlink is available to preorder in India. But you will get the Broadband service only when Starlink becomes operational in India. So we can expect somewhere around this time next year Starlink will be fully functional in India.

Starlink Price In India || How Much Will Starlink Cost In India

Starlink in India can be preordered for a price of US$ 99. So the cost of Starlink in India comes approx to Rs 7200. This amount covers the installation charge when the service will be functional in India. Though the amount is refundable anytime in case you change your mind. But your priority slot to get the service will be lost. Remember Starlink Services will be provided on a First Come First Serve basis. Consumers can check the availability of Starlink Internet India by typing in their city and postal code.

Though there is an additional charge of USD499 for the Hardware kit required for Starlink Broadband in India and other parts of the world. The kit includes a router, an antenna, power supply and mount.

Credit: Starlink Official Website

How To apply For Starlink Internet In India || how to get starlink in india

  • Fill Up Your Address and Click on “Order Now” Button Below.
  • For Adresses of India ,it will show you the estimated date when Satelite Broadband Services will be Available.
  • Fill Up Your Personal Details And Payment Info and Click on “Proceed Now” Button .
  • Your Preorder Will Be Completed after Paying the Required Amount.

For Reference, you can see here.

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