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Best Instagram Reel Downloader to Save IG Reels Online in Under 5 sec

instagram reel downloader

What if I told you that you could save any Instagram reel you find online? Well, there’s an easy way, an Instagram reel downloader can make your life easy, and you can start using one today. If you’re unsure what an Instagram reel downloader is or how to use this tool for Instagram reels download, then keep reading! I’ll share everything you need to know about the ig reel download process, how to get them, and how to use this easy tool to save your favourites again and again.

One of the drawbacks of Instagram is that once you’ve watched a reel, it disappears from your window as you keep scrolling – meaning it’s kinda difficult to go back and view it again unless you bookmark it! If you don’t have an unlimited data plan or enjoy watching a particular video over and over again, this can become problematic in a hurry. Luckily, there are many Instagram Reel Downloaders out there on the Internet to help you download Instagram reels online and save them to your Android/PC/iPhone so that you can view them whenever you want without using up all of your data!

How to download Instagram reels Online?

Shortly you can download Instagram reels in 3 steps :

  1. Open instadpy Instagram Reel Downloader.
  2. Paste the link to your reel.
  3. Click on the Get reel button.
  4. Finally, click on the download reel button.

What you need to know about Instagram Reel Downloader ?

Here I’m gonna tell you this lightning-fast Instagram Reel Downloader website which can fetch your favourite reel in just a blink of an eye.

You need to understand a few things before we learn how to download Instagram reels using this reel downloader.

The majority of the Instagram Reel Downloader on the Internet either scrape Instagram or uses the official Instagram display API to fetch the reel or any media posted on the Instagram server.

Well, now programmatically it depends on the way the backend code is written to get your favourite reel from the Instagram CDN. As per my experience writing code for the backend, it takes a little high time for the code to scrape a particular site and to obtain a single content instead of using an API which directly delivers the content from the CDN/Dedicated Server.

So you might see a performance issue while using an Instagram reels downloader app or Instagram reel downloader because of its implementation.

Here I’m covering the Instagram reel download process through So far all the Instagram reels downloader sites I came across I found as the best site for its lightning-fast fetching of the reels from Instagram and delivering it to the user for download.

As I already discussed the technical aspect of the Instagram reel download online process that it depends on the backend code and its implementation, this site uses the official Instagram API so it produces ultra-fast results. So if your group of friends sits together to download a bunch of ig reels it won’t be a problem. And the best part is you are getting this fast download service for free for unlimited times for personal uses.

Now let’s see how to download Instagram reels on iPhone/ Android/ PCs?

How to Download Instagram reels on iPhone/ Android/ PCs Step-by-Step?

Let’s now see how to download reels from Instagram step by step with screenshots.

Step 1: Copy the link of your favourite Instagram Reel you are about to download.

instagram reel downloader

The first step of Instagram reel download online is you need to copy the link/ URL of the Reel. Well if you are not aware of how to do it please see the screenshots carefully. Open the IG reel and click on the three dots on the right side of the window. In the list of options opened click on the copy link and you are done. The link to the reel is copied to your clipboard.

Here in the screenshot above we have provided an IG reel from our official Instagram handle if you liked it you can follow us here.

Step 2: Visit the Instagram Reel Downloader site

Instagram reel download online

After you have copied the link to the IG reel you need to visit for starting the Instagram reels download process online. From the homepage navigate to the reel downloader page. As said it just takes a few seconds to get the reel from instadpy so make sure you copied the link of the IG reel without any mistake.

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Step 3: Paste the Instagram Reel link into the input field.

Instagram reel download online
Instagram reel download online

You’ll be presented with an input field to enter the Instagram reel link when you open Instagram Reel Downloader. So you need to paste the link properly here for the reel downloader to start fetching your reel from the Instagram server.

Step 4: Click on the Get Reel Button to start Instagram reel download online.

After you’ve pasted the link properly just click on the Get Reel button and let them do the hard work for you while you just relax in the cool breeze. It will hardly take 3-4 seconds and you can see the same reel in front of you. When you see the reel on instadpy just press the download button to make the Instagram reels video download.

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Is Instagram Reel Downloader Worth the Effort and Time?

Instagram reel downloaders are a dime a dozen. There are dozens of websites and apps that claim to be able to download Instagram reels, but very few of them actually work. And even fewer of them don’t put a watermark on the reel. So, is it worth the effort? The answer really depends on what you’re looking for in your reel. If you want a clean, professional video without any distracting watermarks or logos in the background then yes, it’s worth the time.

Also, in case you don’t want to install those Instagram reels download modded apps which are basically spyware to harm your phone you can download Instagram reels online from here. Well, there are legit and safe Instagram reel download apps out on the play store but I don’t see a point in burdening your phone with one more app for such a simple task which can be done easily online.

And if you are wondering how to download Instagram reels without any app? Well, it’s possible we have covered it immersively here: Instagram Reels Video Download Without Any App.

Instagram Reel Downloader FAQs

How to download a reel from Instagram?

By visiting you can easily download your favourite Instagram reel

How to download a reel from Instagram with audio?

Any Instagram Reel Downloader would give you an ig downloaded reel with audio but the best is which can download your reel in just 3 seconds.

How to download Instagram reels in iPhone ?

You need to open this Instagram Reel Downloader that is from your iPhone to download Instagram reels on your iPhone.

How to download Instagram reels from private account?

Using this Instagram Reel Downloader above you can download reels from any account including private accounts.

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