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If you’ve ever received a text message from a number you didn’t recognize, you’ve experienced spam text. Spam text is the text businesses send to people’s phones to convince them to visit a website, buy a product or service or for useless surveys. It’s annoying and oftentimes, it’s not even relevant to the person who received the text message. Let’s see how to stop spam text on android phones permanently.

Let me tell you why? No matter if you use a spam filter or any app to block spam text on android they work temporarily why? because spam still exists regardless of you using spam filter apps. You can verify this if you open your message box on Android or the third-party app. It will list down all the spam text you have received over the months but it didn’t notify you, right?

The moment you disable your spam filter or change your Android device you will be bombarded with spam unless you install the app on the new device too. But what could be the permanent solution to block spam text on Android?

Which Messages Are Considered to be Spam Actually?

A little backdrop if you don’t know what spam is. Spam text messages are unsolicited text messages that are sent unsolicited to a person’s phone without their consent. They are often unwanted and can be annoying. They are considered unwanted commercial messages and are illegal in almost every country. They are often used to sell products or services or to promote web links or content.

Spam SMSs are often used to generate revenue for the spam SMS sender, but can also be used to annoy the recipient, which has the potential to negatively impact the receiving user’s experience on the mobile phone platform. So it becomes necessary to block spam text on Android. Lately, we received a lot of emails asking how to stop spam text on Android Phones/iPhones. So here it is.

Dont worry we got you covered in this scenario also. Here we will show you the most unique way how to stop spam text on Android phones on any network provider like a boss. Keep reading the post for a bonus tip from our tech-savvy writers at the end.

* Note:- This method works only for Indian Service Providers to block spam text on Android.

How To Stop Spam Text on Android Phones/iPhones?

  1. Open your messaging app on Android.
  2. Start writing a new text message to 1909.
  3. Type “FULLY BLOCK” in the message.
  4. Send the text and verify that all categories of spam will be auto-blocked from now onwards.

How To Stop Spam Text on Android Phones Step By Step Approach.

We will use some numeric code via SMS to block spam text on android. This code can be used for blocking the spammers who are trying to send you unwanted text messages. This code will make sure that the spammers cannot send you text messages on your phone. This code will also help to block the spammers from displaying their text messages on your phone’s screen because the text won’t reach your network in the first place. Let us see the detailed steps here with screenshots to block spam text on Android to understand better.

1. Open your messaging app on Android/iOS.

Open your default messaging app on Android to block spam text Android, tap Settings, and turn on the spam filter(available for both Android and iOS) if not turned on already. This will stop SMS spam texts from reaching your phone. This will only stop texts from reaching your phone, though; it won’t stop SMS spam texts from being delivered in the first place. But it will act as the first layer of protection from spam texts.

2. Start writing a new text message to 1909.

how to stop spam text on android

Alright, now we will send some numeric codes to 1909 to block spam texts on Android for free without any service charges. Just tap on the new message button on your Android and in the recipient field give the number 1909 to stop spam on Android. Also, you can save the number 1909 for future reference as we will be listing down some codes below to stop different categories of spam texts.

3. Type “FULLY BLOCK” in the message to block spam text on android.

how to stop spam text on android

After you have selected the recipient as 1909, type “FULLY BLOCKED” and send the SMS. The “FULLY BLOCKED” text will block spam text on android for all categories of spam except the transactional types of commercial communication. Alternatively, you can type “BLOCK PROMO” to achieve the same except for the transactional type of text messages. We have listed down all the variations of these SMS to block specific categories of spam if you are not interested in blocking all the categories.

4. Send the text and verify that all categories of spam will be auto-blocked from now onwards.

how to stop spam text on android

After you have performed the above steps carefully you will not receive any spam messages. Because it will notify your service provider that you are not interested to receive any of the promotional offers via text which mainly includes spam.

To verify this method just disable your inbuilt spam filter or the third-party app for spam protection in Android/iOS for a few days and check if your number still receives spam from unknown numbers. Hopefully, all spam will be blocked and you can enjoy a clutter-free inbox free of all spammy texts on Android/iOS. This is how you stop spam text on Android Phones for free.

* Note:- This method works for all Indian Service Providers to block spam text on Android.

If you feel your Android device has gotten slow in the recent days which is affecting your gaming performance. You can see our android optimization guide for gaming.

While most of the spam is harmless and includes only promotional content but some spam may contain phishing links that might put your personal data at stake if clicked. So our advice is always to use spam filters on iOS/Android along with this trick.

SMS Patterns To Block Spam Texts

These are all the patterns to stop spam text on android or iOS for various categories of spam. Just replace the SMS with each of these variations each time and send it to 1909. Bookmark this page for future reference for these SMSs.


Remember spammer uses a lot of techniques to send spam texts to users either in the form of text SMS or via call or email. A bonus Tip for this post is you can also stop spam calls and texts on android/iOS with this above trick.

What other steps you can take to block spam text on Android?

Most spam texts are an attempt to get you to download software or make an online purchase. To protect yourself from spam text messages, set your phone so that it only accepts messages from people you know. Let’s now see some other simplest ways you can avoid spam.

1. Stop responding to spam texts.

Many times, spam texts are used to lure you into clicking on a link or downloading a virus. Instead of responding to spam texts, block them or set your phone to only respond to texts from the businesses and organizations you know and trust. This will help you avoid being bothered by spam texts and protect your phone from being infected with a virus. Also, sometimes the spam is designed in such a way that if you respond the spammer would get a signal that you are an inactive user and can be a potential target next time.

2. Block text Messages which you feel are spam.

Text message spam is an unsolicited text message sent to a phone number that is not associated with a legitimate business or organization. Each text message spam SMS usually contains a link or message that is designed to look like a legitimate message from a company or organization. Why we are telling you is because in spite of you taking all the measures some spam still bypasses them and can send you links with malicious intent to get your credit card information and personal details. Because spam filters or third-party spam text blockers on Android/iOS work on Artificial Intelligence and it cant have 100% accuracy. So it’s better you block them at the first sight.

3. Use a spam text blocker app to block spam text on Android.

If you don’t want to be pestered with spam text messages and want added security, you can use a spam text blocker app to block spam text on your Android/ iPhone. There are several spam text blocker apps available for free on the Google Play Store. Some of the most well-known spam text blocker apps include Call control, Robokiller, and SpamHound. Some of these apps provide additional features such as the ability to block unknown numbers and additional languages. As already said it can’t be 100% accurate in predicting spam messages.

4. Report to your service provider to stop spam texts on your android/iPhone.

Text spam can be annoying and disruptive, especially when it floods your phone with unwanted messages. Sometimes spam may also contain ads or it may install adware without your permission. But you can remove ads on android easily which is not so serious concern.

Report spam texts to your service provider so they can stop the spam texts from coming through. They will work with you to find a solution that prevents spam texts from occurring in the first place.

To Stop Spam Text on Android Phones in the US you just need to forward the spam message to 7726 which is applicable to the US service providers like AT & T, Verizon or T-mobile.

And in India, you can Block the spam categories by sending SMS to 1909 for all service providers as shown above.

Reporting spam and suspicious links to your service providers help you to stay secure in the future from spam.

Final Words on Stopping Spam Text on Android

Text message spam has become a common problem. It is easy to block them, so why do people continue to send them? One reason is revenue since these messages can bring in tens of thousands of dollars for companies that send them. Not a single method can safeguard you from spam so you need to combine some of these methods to stay spam-free life.

Also remember at the same time, blocking spam messages may have undesirable consequences, such as blocking legitimate messages from getting through and reducing the readability of the message. For example, a text message might be from a legitimate source from a company raising funds, or from a charity donation for the underprivileged children which contains a link to a page that will accept the payment. Blocking spam messages might also block these messages because your spam filters might think it’s spam because they are not 100% accurate.

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So if you are using one of such apps, you can check the messages that it has blocked over the days to not miss out on any important messages that it mistakenly has classified as spam.

How To Stop Spam Text on Android Phones FAQs

How To Stop Spam Text on Android Phones?

In India, you can block all categories of spam simply by messaging “FULLY BLOCKED” to 1909. And all your spam will be blocked for other categories refer to the table above. And in the US you can forward the spam to 7726 to block it.

How do I stop spam text messages on my android?

Following are the methods: 1. Use an inbuilt spam filter 2. Block spam messages numbers 3. Report the spam to your network service provider 4. Stop responding to spam.

How to Block Spam Text on Android Phone?

By using an inbuilt or third-party app you can block spam text and calls. Also, you can block all spam by sending an SMS to 1909.

Why am I getting spam text messages?

There may be several possible reasons you are receiving spam messages which include you have signed up to an online portal recently, someone is trying to get access to your personal information or bank details. It’s better to block the spam messages before they do any harm to you.

We hope you have gained a lot of ideas on How To Stop Spam Text on Android Phones. We assure you by following the above-mentioned tips you can stop most of the spam text messages on android and iPhone.Let us know in the comments below how these tips helped you in fighting spam.

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