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How To See Deleted Messages On Whatsapp Without Any App?

Whatsapp is the most widely used messaging platform be it for personal or organization. Very recently they launched the “Delete For Everyone” feature which deletes the sent message from both the sender and recipients chat screen, provided you delete the message within a stipulated time, which is around 8 hours. The “Delete for Everyone” feature got so popular that it also needs a workaround to retrieve the message deleted by the sender recently, so here we are with a new blog post on “How To See Deleted Messages On Whatsapp Without Any App“.

how to see whatsapp deleted messages by sender without any app
how to view deleted messages on WhatsApp without any app

Have you ever wondered does the messages gets deleted for sure ?

How Whatsapp Deleted Messages Work?

The deleted message on WhatsApp remains on the phone and can be retrieved any time the user wants. Technically, all the sent messages remain stored in the recipient’s notification log of the mobile. So, we just need to access the notification log records to find the deleted message we received.

Once we get access to the texts in the logs it doesn’t matter then if the sender has deleted the message. And as the title says “How To See Deleted Messages On Whatsapp Without Any App”, we won’t be recommending any third-party app for this.

Another method is using WAMR app to see delete messages which have been discussed here- Want To Recover Deleted Message From Whatsapp?

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See Deleted Messages On Whatsapp – Step By Step Process

How To See Deleted Messages On Whatsapp Without Any App
Android 11 Notification History Screen.

1. Go to the Setting App of your Device.

2. Search for Notification History.

3. And turn Notification History of your device to On.

4. Now after you received a deleted message on WhatsApp woohoo!! just come back to this Notification History screen and you can see the deleted message.

And not only this any app like Facebook Messenger or Instagram which supports deleted messages can be retrieved by this technique.

This way you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages without any app.

Please note that this method only works for devices with Android 11 and higher. Does this mean you can’t see a deleted message on WhatsApp? Not at all, we have another blog post here for the app to see deleted WhatsApp messages.

The only limitation of this process is if you receive any messages on WhatsApp which later deleted by the sender while the Data connection or Wifi was off, you can’t get back that message. Because while your Data or Wifi is off you can’t receive any notification about messages so the notification logs remain empty. Hence after turning on data later no messages get recorded but you will see “This message has been deleted” on WhatsApp.

FAQ on See Deleted Messages In Whatsapp

Can I Retrieve Deleted Whatsapp Images?

By default notification history setting, you can not retrieve any media files such as gifs, images, audio, and videos.

Can I get back deleted messages if my Android Version is less than 11?

For Android version less than 11, you can’t directly see the deleted messages by the notification history setting. Instead, you have to use some third party app to access the notification logs. The topic for another blog post.

I don’t have a Notification History Option In My Device. What to do?

It simply means your android version is less than 11. You need a third-party app like WAMR to see deleted WhatsApp messages.

Does notification history settings work on iOS?

No, these setting is only for Android device users.

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