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How to schedule an email with Gmail [Secret 2022 Trick]


Schedule an email with Gmail feature is all that you need to boost your productivity if you are the person who finds himself waking up in the middle of the night just to send an email or you are the one who opens the mailbox in the weekend to mail about the latest upgrade then

Sometimes it’s very common for us to send emails to a different time zone and for that, we need to stick to our work laptop for extra hours to balance both time zones.

By scheduling an email with Gmail you don’t need to put in the extra hours neither you have to spoil your night’s sleep by sending an email.

So to increase your productivity at work, this is the feature of Gmail you need to use from now onwards.

Let’s see how to schedule an email with Gmail in 4 easy steps.

Schedule an email with Gmail in 4 easy steps

1. Compose the mail in the Gmail box.

2. Click on the up arrow in the Send button.

After clicking on Schedule send a new pop up will open consisting of the times to which you want to schedule the mail.

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3. Select the time to schedule your mail.

If you want to choose a custom time according to your preference to which you want to schedule the mail then click on the last option ‘Pick date & time’.

4. Select a custom date & time to schedule email with Gmail.

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You just scheduled a mail to a later date & time with these 4 easy steps After you have successfully scheduled a mail-in particular date & time, the mail will go into the ‘scheduled mail’ folder of Gmail. Let’s see that too.

As you can see one mail has recently shifted to the ‘scheduled’ folder. This is the mail we just scheduled for a later date & time and now if you open the scheduled folder you would see the scheduled email in Gmail.

Cancelling & editing a scheduled email in gmail

What if you want to reschedule the scheduled email to a different date & time. It’s also possible. If you open the email stored in a ‘scheduled’ folder, you would see a ‘Cancel send‘ button. You just need to click on this button to cancel the scheduled date & time.

After you cancelled, the mail again will be transferred as a draft in the Gmail box. You can make any changes in the content of the mail now and can again schedule the email to a different date & time in the same way as mentioned above.

Or, if you simply want to cancel the mail just close the Gmail box, the mail will go into the drafts folder. Then you just need to delete it from the draft folder.

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Scheduling an email with Gmail FAQ

Can you schedule an email to be sent in Gmail?

Yes, you can schedule an email with Gmail. You can schedule an email for up to the next 49 years in Gmail.

Can you cancel a scheduled email?

Yes, scheduled mail can be cancelled in Gmail. You just need to go into the Gmail scheduled folder and open the mail. Click on Cancel send button and your mail will be back into the draft state.

How does scheduled email work?

It works by sending your mail to a later date & time. You just have to select the time at which you want the mail to be sent from the arrow present in the send button.

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