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How To Remove Ads In Android Smartphone Without Root [February 2022] Expert Trick

remove ads in android

To Remove ads in Android smartphones can be tedious sometimes as some methods require you to root your device. But here we are to rescue you from all the hassles of rooting. We will do it in an extremely simple way which hardly requires 2 mins tweak in your phone’s settings. Unwanted ads in your android phone can make using your device unpleasant at best and practically unusable at worst. Luckily, there are ways to remove those pesky ads from your android phone, whether it’s an Android smartphone or tablet running the latest version of Android (Android 11 R) or an older version of the operating system. Here’s how to remove ads from your android phone in 5 simple steps!

What are ads know before you remove ads in android

An advertisement is a form of communication intended to persuade an audience. Advertising is also called publicity or, in a more modern sense, promotion. An advertisement may communicate information about a product, service or entity (in cases where advertising is not explicitly and exclusively about selling a good or service it is generally referred to as public relations.) An advertiser (or advertorial) is typically an organization that employs one or more advertising agencies to generate and place media buys.

But most of the time these ads are annoying and interfere with our mobile surfing. So, today let’s see how to remove ads from android apps.

How It Looks: Before Removing Ads In Android Apps , Browser

Let’s first check what the browser pages look like with ads before we actually remove ads from android phones. As you can see, on the website we visited we found two ads blocking our view. The banner ad and the on-page ad is showing before we tweak the settings to remove ads from android mobile.

Remove Ads In Android
Remove Ads in Android: Before

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Remove Ads On Android In 4 Easy Steps:

Step 1. Open the Settings App

The First Step to remove ads from android browsers/apps is to open the settings application.

Remove ads from android phone: Open Settings App

Step 2: Open Connection & Sharing from The Settings Screen.

From the settings menu, you need to open the Connection & Sharing menu.

remove ads android no root
Remove Ads Android No Root

Step 3: Click on the Private DNS

The Private DNS setting by default is turned off. To remove ads in android apps you need to modify this setting. Click on the Private DNS to open its setting.

Remove Ads From Android Apps

Step 4: Enter Value of Designated Private DNS As Shown Below

Enter in the field of Designated Private DNS to remove ads from android browser/apps permanently. And Save the setting. Wait for a period of 2 mins to remove Ads In android.

remove ads from android tablet
Remove Ads From Android: Designated Private DNS settings

Step 5: Check the Ads in Browser Pages/Apps.

Now after waiting for 2 mins, reload all your browser pages and restart the apps to see the effect. Let us open the same page, the one which we opened at the first for the search query ‘what is NFT’ from

Remove Ads In Android: Check the browser pages

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Check now we successfully removed ads from android apps/browsers. So you removed Ads in Android without root. Observe that the banner ad is no longer showing and the on-page ad is disconnected.

This trick of removing ads from chrome mobile or any android app works by blocking the connection of the ads with its ad server. So you don’t see any ads in the browsers & other apps.

We hope this trick worked for you. If yes drop a comment down in the comments section and don’t forget to share with your friends.

If it doesn’t work for you, you can visit the official blog by google to remove ads in android to get some help.

Remove Ads In Android FAQ’s

how to remove ads from android apps without rooting

As discussed, you need to tweak the Designated Private DNS setting in the Connection & Sharing tab of settings of your phone.

how to remove ads from the lock screen

Modify the Designated Private DNS setting in the Connection & Sharing tab of settings of your phone. And enter the value as

how to remove ads from android browser

For all browsers or apps, the same trick is applicable as of now. Tweak the Designated Private DNS setting. Enter the value as

how to remove ads from android apps

Enter the value as in the Designated Private DNS setting to remove ads from android apps.

how to remove ads from shareit android

If you have the Private DNS set as the then ads will not be visible in any of the apps.

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