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How To Post On Instagram From A PC In 2022 Secret Trick

how to post on instagram from a pc

Want to post on Instagram from a pc? Instagram is one of the leading social networks today just after Facebook. From personal use to pose for selfies to marketing for the big brands, Instagram is the first choice for all. However, the downside is unlike other social media Instagram doesn’t have a desktop version of its app. It would be incorrect to say it doesn’t have, it has but with limited functionalities. Like you can’t post photos on the desktop site of Instagram so forget about your filters.

Yes, you read it right, you just can’t post any images or videos on Instagram from a PC. It’s manageable if you use Instagram for only personal use.

But what if you are the social media marketer for a leading brand? You just can’t open your smartphone every time you want to post on Instagram. Also, it becomes much easier to bulk upload stuff from a desktop rather than a smartphone.

So how to post on Instagram from a pc?

It’s very much possible to post on Instagram on PC. You just need to do some tweaks in the tools section of your browser after opening Instagram on PC. These tools are mainly used by web developers and testers to test the interface on a mobile device. We can also use it to access and post on Instagram from a pc. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a geek to do this. We will explain you in just 4 steps with screenshots.

How To Post On Instagram With PC – Step by Step Approach

Before moving on please note we will be using Google Chrome as the browser for demonstrating the steps. These steps may not work for other browsers.

1. Open Instagram On Chrome

how to post on instagram from pc
Post On Instagram From A PC

This is our Instagram handle for geekyprofessor. You will see a similar interface after opening Instagram in Chrome. Note that there is no add button that you generally see in the Instagram app on the smartphone. So it’s not possible to add posts at this stage. Adding a post on Instagram from a pc requires you to tweak the settings of the browser.

2. Navigate to “Developer Tools” From the Dropdown

how to post on instagram on pc
Post On Instagram From A PC

Relax we are not making you a developer now. You just have to click on the ‘More tools‘ from the dropdown and then click on the ‘Developer tools. Alternatively, you can reach directly to developer tools by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I.

3. Click On Device Toolbar

After you click on ‘Developer Tools‘, you will land on the below page. Nothing to get baffled you don’t have to understand all these codes.

how to post on instagram from pc
Post On Instagram From A PC

Just click on the ‘Toggle Device Toolbar‘ as marked in the screenshot with red. And you are done almost. And you don’t have to do anything with the codes here. So, relax. After you have clicked on ‘Toggle Device Toolbar’, you will see the Instagram screen will behave like you are on your mobile.

how to post on instagram from pc
Post On Instagram From A PC

4. Click On Refresh In the Browser

If you observe even after Instagram shows the mobile like interface, the add button is still unavailable. So to make it visible you need to refresh the page once.

Before refreshing the page make sure the interface is selected as “iphone 6/7/8” or “Moto G4” from the dropdown marked in red as shown above.

how to post on instagram from a pc
Post On Instagram From A PC

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After Refresh you will see an interface similar to this where add button is available to post images and videos just like the Instagram app.

how to post on instagram on pc
Post On Instagram From A PC

See we can access the add button of our Instagram handle geekyprofessor. And now you can post on Instagram from a pc.

Note if you want to now expand the Instagram window with the add button being preserved, it is possible. You just need to cross the ‘Developer Tools‘ window on the right side.

After that, the Instagram window will get stretched with the add button just like any other website that you open on the pc. Now the interface will look something like this.

how to post on instagram from a pc
Post On Instagram From A PC

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Or, you can just keep the window like the smartphone app. It’s up to you whichever way it feels comfortable to you.

So, you just learnt how to post on Instagram from a pc in just 4 steps without going into all techy stuff and modifying any codes. Now enjoy posting on Instagram with pc and with your favourite filters obviously.

Post on instagram from a PC FAQ

Can I post on Instagram from Windows?

Obviously, it is possible to post on Instagram from windows, you just need to log into Instagram from chrome and open the developer tools. Then select the viewport as Moto G4 and refresh just like the steps mentioned here.

How do I post on Instagram from my computer Chrome?

Follow the developer tools method in chrome. The Instagram screen will then open like the smartphone app then you can post images as much you want with filters. Follow the steps mentioned in the article.

Why can’t I post pictures on Instagram from my computer?

Because Instagram doesn’t allow users to upload pictures from a computer by default. But there is a way to bypass this using Google Chrome using some tweaks. Follow the ‘Developer Tools’ method shown here to upload pictures from pc.

Can I work on Instagram from my computer?

Yes, you can work without any problems. Login to Instagram from the desktop and work. But to upload on Instagram from pc you need to modify some settings. Go to ‘Developer Tools’ from ‘More Tools’ in Chrome then select the viewport and you are done. Follow the steps shown in this post.


These 4 steps are quite easy for anyone to follow. Do check out the screenshots carefully before proceeding with each step. And, after changing the settings don’t forget to refresh the page. These steps shown here works only for Google Chrome. If you need the same steps for your favourite browser please do let us know in the comments below. And we will cover that for you.

All the screenshots posted are from the geekyprofessor Instagram handle. So don’t forget to follow us to see the latest tech post.

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