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How to improve gaming performance on Android


Did you know you can improve the gaming performance of your Android smartphone to a great extent with some tweaks in the settings?

Nobody likes a laggy and freezing gaming experience in android. Especially for battle royal games where everything is real-time and happens in a fraction of a second, you can’t afford a laggy device. Your device lags or drops the frame rate just for a second and the next moment you missed the first rank.

Well, you can fix this up to a great extent with some tweaks and the best part is you don’t need to root your device for these settings. These optimisations will surely boost your gaming performance on Android.

Also, it is advisable not to root your device and play with the Android kernel at any cost unless you are a developer.

Let’s take a look at the simple tricks to boost the performance of games on Android

Increase Refresh Rate

The foremost setting to change is the refresh rate of the device. These days most of the phone manufacturer offers more than one refresh rate and leaves it up to the user to use according to their needs. If your device supports a higher refresh rate please use that. This will improve the gaming performance instantly.

You can feel the difference in the visuals getting smoother than before and a significant boost in the gaming. Because with a high refresh rate the number of images formed in the display will be higher so it will smoothen your experience.

For most Android devices the steps to enable a higher refresh rate are:

Settings -> Display -> Advanced (or More) -> Refresh rate

Turn On Force 4x MSAA

This is an advanced feature for the android which remains disabled by default. You can enable it by going into the developer options of the phone and then just turn on the Force 4x MSAA switch. It will force the device to use 4x multisample anti-aliasing in OpenGL ES 2.0 games and other apps. This will take more graphics power from the processor of the phone but will surely improve your gaming performance.

The only downside of this setting is that it will drain your battery faster. Though it doesn’t matter if you have a device with a massive battery which most of the android devices have today or if you don’t care much about the battery.

How to turn on Force 4x MSAA

1. Open Settings and Go to System and then go to Developer Options.

2. Inside Developer Options, go to the “Hardware accelerated rendering” section

3. Turn Force 4x MSAA on.

how to increase gaming performance in android
Hardware-accelerated rendering Screen

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Turn Off Background Services

The social media apps and other background activities have a lot of impact on the gaming performance in android. They block some portion of the CPU in the device constantly for making your text or photo available the moment it has been sent.

So we are bound to get a high gaming performance if we just turn off these background services for the time being. You can do this manually by force stopping every such app which keeps on running in the background or you can download some third-party apps from the play store for doing the task.

These will stop all such services which keep on eating RAM in the background and drains the battery. It just boosts the performance temporarily, so when you stop playing, all the background services again turns on.

Use Game Mode

Most Android devices today come with a game mode inbuilt today. And they work much better than all game booster apps available in the market. They provide some advanced features to boost gaming performance on android like High-performance, Game focus, FPS boost, DND (Do not disturb) features.

The main goal of this game mode is to free up resources in the background so as to boost the CPU performance. Also, it shows the current FPS, current CPU & GPU usage while the game is ON. You can also change the performance mode if you face lags while in the game . It will immediately optimize the GPU to give the maximum of its resources to the game. Instantly you can feel the performance boost.

Another important feature is game mode automatically rejects calls and incoming text messages while the feature is turned ON. A typical inbuilt game app has three modes namely- “Low power mode”, “Balanced mode”, “Pro Gamer mode”. So if your device has one such mode use that to get optimum performance from your device.

how to enhance gaming performance android
A typical Game mode in action.

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Use a Game Booster Application

If your device doesn’t come with an inbuilt game mode, don’t worry you can install a game booster application to do the same. These apps significantly boost the gaming performance and reduce the lags & frame drops. Game booster apps keep on optimizing the usage of RAM and CPU while the game is on. You just need to switch it on before starting the game.

Some booster application also optimizes the network bandwidth available to the games. Especially, online real-time games require a stable connection and it can also lag if the right bandwidth is not available to use for the game. So, the game booster reduces the background apps Internet usage and streamlines the Internet bandwidth for the games.

Plenty of apps are available in the play store, you can download and use any. Though we recommend the app “Game Booster 4x Faster Free – GFX Tool Bug Lag Fix

how to improve gaming performance in android
Credit: Play store

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Improve gaming performance FAQ for Android

How can I increase my android game performance without rooting?

Android gaming performance can be increased by clearing caches periodically, turning on Force 4x MSAA, using Game mode if supported , increasing refresh rate etc. and as mentioned in the post.

What is force 4x MSAA?

Force 4x MSAA setting can be found in Developer Options. It will force the device to use 4x multisample anti-aliasing in OpenGL ES 2.0 games and other apps. So you will get a better gaming performance on android with a cost of faster draining of battery.

How do I fix low fps on Android?

The primary setting you need to tweak is that to increase the device refresh rate and use a stable data connection. Additionally, you can also use a game booster app. This will solve most of the low fps problems on Android.

Last words to improve gaming performance on Android

These tweaks will improve your android gaming experience to a great extent for sure. However, along with these tweaks make sure you have a stable data connection so that the game ping remains manageable. Otherwise, in spite of all these changes, you can still face lags in games.

Some more changes you can do to ensure lag-free gaming are – Clear device cache periodically from the settings, System update when available, Update game when available, Disable unnecessary widgets and live wallpapers to reduce RAM usage.

Some other advanced hacks are also there like overclocking the processor or using custom ROM, but this needs you to have root access, so it is beyond the scope of this post.

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