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How To Create Temporary Mail Under 30 Seconds For Free?

Create Temporary Mail

Why do you need to create temporary mail address? What are some of the benefits of having one? When it comes to buying or selling on sites like eBay, Craigslist, Amazon and others, having a temporary email address can help you remain anonymous and make sure that you’re protected from spam and other junk & promotional messages. If you are concerned about your personal email account getting spammed or flooded with junk mail then here’s a tip. Creating temporary mail on disposable email service sites could be a good way out of such a situation.

A temporary mail address can be used for filling up applications or registering on websites that you won’t be using for the long term without having to reveal your personal details like your name, residential address, etc. Also once you are done with it, there is no harm in just deleting it and having another disposable mail account ready in minutes.

This article will explain how to create a temporary mail address in under 30 seconds of your precious time so that you can begin using it right away!

Why Create Temporary Mails?

What’s so great about having a disposable/temporary mail address? The benefits are many.

First, it’s easier to hide your real identity on social media when using temporary mail addresses instead of your personal ones. You can also keep your private emails away from prying eyes by creating a new temporary mailbox.

Secondly, if you want to sign up for some services but don’t want them to spam your primary inbox, a disposable/temporary mail is perfect for that too. It’s easy to create an anonymous account with just an email address and password; and once you do, you can use that account as much or as little as you like.

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In most cases, a valid temporary email will allow you to send and receive messages, post comments on forums, chat online in real-time, download attachments and upload files—just like a regular email account.

In addition, most disposable mail providers will give you anywhere from five minutes to 24 hours before your temporary address disappears forever(depends on the cookie life)—making it ideal for those times when you’re filling out online forms or purchasing items online where privacy is key.

What You Need to Know Before You Create Temporary Mail?

It’s important to keep in mind a few points before you actually go and create a temporary mail for yourself or a friend nearby.

As the name says “temporary mail“, in the true sense the lifetime of such mail are few hours or maybe a few days. So if you are registering yourself in any social media giants like Facebook or Instagram with Temporary mails just put this in mind, you won’t be able to recover your social account and change your password ever if anything goes wrong. Because the temporary mail would have expired by then.

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Also, for services like online shopping and banking you shouldn’t use or create temporary mails because any day it may happen that you logged out of your own account or your account has been compromised in such cases the customer support will ask for your mailing address linked with the account. But you won’t be able to provide them because the temporary mail has expired and you don’t have access to it anymore.

For most of the temporary mail services, the temporary mail stays alive till the cookie life of your browser. Once the cookie gets refreshed you won’t be able to access the same temporary mail and you’ll be assigned a new one.

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So we wholeheartedly request you not to use and create temporary mails for important services that you use on a daily basis.

How To Create Temporary Mail Addresses and Use It In 30 seconds?

Here are the steps that you need to do:

Step 1: Visit the website by clicking on the below link to create Temporary Mail.

Create Temporary Mail

There are a lot of temporary email creator services we have listed below. Here we are creating the temporary mail with for making the process super fast and easy.

Step 2: Wait for 10 seconds approx for the temporary mail to generate.

temporary mail for facebook

After opening the URL from the above link you need to wait for 10-15 seconds approx for the site to generate the temporary mail for you. It’s an automatic process and no manual action on your part is needed. After the temporary mail address gets generated copy it from the button beside the mail.

Step 3: Go to any blog or services site to test the temporary mail.

create temporary emails

Now it’s time to test our created temporary mail address. Go to any site that may be a blog that sends out email newsletters, subscriptions, and welcome messages to test our temporary mail & temporary mailbox. As you can see above we are signing up the subscriptions using the created temporary mails.

Note:- This site in the screenshot is just to demonstrate the process, you can try it at some places where you expect a lot of junk and spam mail.

Step 4: Verify the mail in your temporary mailbox.

create temporary email

After you signed to any of the services it’s time to check if you are receiving the mail in your temporary mailbox. Wait for a minute or two, you will receive the mail. Temporary mail servers are usually a bit slow in processing stuff than conventional mail servers.

As you can see we have received the mail in our temporary mailbox to which we have subscribed.

This is how you create temporary mail and also use it for under 30 seconds for free.

For android users don’t worry we got you covered. You can also create temporary mail addresses with this temporary mail apk for android. Check this app out which is the best temporary email app and find it on the play store.

temporary mail apk

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Other Temporary Mail / Disposable Email Services

These are some of the top best temporary mailing address services with simplified UI we have tested so far. All of the services work so well for creating temporary mail in almost no time. Also, the waiting period for receiving mail is considerably less in these services.


Note:- Contact us if you are an owner of a temporary mail generator site and want to list your service in the above list.

Create Temporary Mail FAQs

Can I create a temporary email account?

Yes with temp-mail you can easily create temporary mail address.

How to create temporary email address in Gmail?

Gmail doesn’t allow you to create temporary mails however you can create an email alias in Gmail which serves the same purpose but it is for little long term use.

How to make a temporary mailbox?

If you create temporary mail from any of the services listed above you will be provided with a temporary mailbox by default which you can use to receive emails in no time.

Are temporary emails safe?

In terms of security, the temporary mails are not secure as already discussed. You should not exchange any sensitive information through temporary mail or else it can be compromised.

Can I create temp mail for Facebook?

Yes, you can obviously create temporary mail for Facebook. But it is advisable that you shouldn’t register on Facebook with temporary mails because you will lose all your login information once the temporary mail gets expired.

How long do temporary emails last?

Temporary emails last till the cookie life of the browser you are using. It may last from a few hours to a few days before it gets expired and you are assigned a new temporary email.

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