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Facebook Avatar Maker: How To Change Facebook Avatar In 2022


Lately, you can create or change Facebook avatars from India. How many times have you seen people posting pictures of themselves on Facebook with their new avatars? And how many times have you looked at one and thought I wish I could get that for my profile picture? Well, Facebook has made it easier than ever to make your own custom Facebook avatar with its Facebook Avatar Maker, which uses an easy-to-use interface with multiple design options to allow you to create the perfect avatar to display on your profile. Whether you’re looking to update your picture or choose something new altogether, the Facebook Avatar Maker will help you do it right away without any problem at all.

What are avatars on Facebook?

A little backdrop in case you don’t know what an Avatar is? The word avatar originates from Hindu mythology, where it is defined as a manifestation of one’s true self.

On platforms owned by Meta, however, avatars are simply graphics that represent each user. To change Facebook avatar or to create one, you need to design it according to your choice. I mean you decide what your Facebook Avatar might gonna look like? Features like facial colour, hairstyle, outfit , beard style and a myriad of stuff you can customize.

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Changing your avatar is super easy and it took me just 5 minutes for changing my avatar on Facebook; keep reading for instructions on how to make a Facebook avatar now! Below we present 4 Steps to Make a Facebook Avatar in 5 Minutes.

How To Change Facebook Avatar In 4 Steps | How To Make A Facebook Avatar For The First Time

Facebook offers users a chance to personalize their experience by changing their profile picture with the new Facebook Avatar. This section will help you make a Facebook avatar using a built-in Facebook avatar creator, along with instructions on how you can use your own photo or existing photos in your Facebook profile. Facebook avatar change is simple and only takes a few minutes.

Step 1: Open the Hamburger Menu of Your Facebook Android App and click on “See More”.

how to change facebook avatar
Change Facebook Avatar In 5 Easy Steps

To Change Facebook Avatar you need to open the sixth tab(the hamburger menu) of your Facebook home screen to get to the settings section. After you tapped it scroll down and click on the See more button to see the additional settings.

Step 2: Navigate to the Avatars Tab from the settings menus.

how to make a facebook avatar
Change Facebook Avatar In 5 Easy Steps

To Create/Change Facebook avatar you need to open the Facebook avatar maker present in the app as in the screenshot. After you have tapped the Avatar tab you need to wait for a few seconds for the Facebook avatar screen to load if you are opening this tab for the first time.

Step 3: Click on the edit button to create/change your Facebook Avatar.

how to make a facebook avatar
Change Facebook Avatar In 5 Easy Steps

By default, an avatar is created automatically as you can see in the screenshot when you log in to the Facebook avatar maker screen for the first time. We obviously don’t want to keep the default version of our avatar. So let’s change it now by clicking on the edit button or pen icon in the top-right corner.

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Step 4: Customize your Facebook avatar’s facial tone, hair colour, outfit etc.

Make A Facebook Avatar In 5 Easy Steps

The fun begins here, you can create or change facebook avatar in any way you want it. It’s up to your creativity how you want to design it so that your family and friends get hooked on your Facebook avatar. Don’t forget to make it super cool like you 🙂

Step 5: After changing your avatar on Facebook click on Done(Top-right corner).

After a heck lot of designs, it’s time to save our creativity. Click on the Done button in the top-right corner to save the Facebook cartoon avatar.

Step 6: Share your newly created Facebook cartoon avatar on your News Feed.

Make A Facebook Avatar In 5 Easy Steps

Finally, it’s time to show off to the world our creativity level through our Facebook avatar. You can now share the newly created Facebook avatar by sharing it to your News Feed.

Also, if you feel like you can download the free avatar created from the Facebook avatar maker.

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Interestingly with these avatars you can also create Facebook avatar stickers and can use them within your daily chats and gossip. Great way to showcase yourself right?

See the official guide by Meta here on how do you change your avatar on Facebook?

If you have any trouble completing these steps, be sure to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help!

Why Should I Care About My Facebook Avatar?

Well, it matters! The first thing a person notices on your profile is your photo. The first impression that you make on Facebook is determined by what you see in that photo. If you want them to take you seriously, if you want them to think highly of you and connect with you, then your Facebook avatar must be professional. You wouldn’t dress casually for a job interview or wear casual attire at work, right, if you also use Facebook as a medium to connect to the recruiters around you?

So why dress casually for something as important as networking and connecting with people online? Make sure your Facebook avatar makes a good first impression on everyone who sees it.

Make sure you put yourself out there in an attractive way so that people will approach you and not be turned off by what they see when they look at your profile picture. Change Facebook Avatar if it’s already not so professional or better I would say make it eye-catching.

Where is my Facebook avatar?

Your Facebook avatar is present in the settings menu avatar tab which you can use in your Facebook profile picture.

How to use Facebook avatar?

You can use your Facebook avatar in your profile picture and also can use a sticker to chat with your family and friends.

Facebook don’t have an avatar option?

The Facebook avatar menu is only present in the recently updated version. Update your app to enjoy this feature then create or change facebook avatar

Why don’t I have the Facebook avatar option?

Perhaps you are using an old version of the app. Update the app to enjoy this feature.

How do you change your avatar on Facebook?

You need to go to the avatar tab in the settings menu of your profile. From there you can change your Facebook avatar according to your designs. See the detailed steps above.

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