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How To Use Digilocker on Whatsapp In 2022 for AADHAR Download, PAN card Download, COWIN Vaccine Certificate Download, CBSE marksheet Download


MyGov has announced that from this week, you can use digilocker on Whatsapp to download official documents! Digilocker, an app launched by the Indian government earlier, makes it easy to store your important official documents online and keep them secure. The service works across platforms, so you can use Digilocker on WhatsApp even if you don’t have it installed on your phone or computer! All you need to do is install WhatsApp on your phone and need to save the MyGov HelpDesk number and need to ping just a “Hi” or “Namaste” message to download all your official documents straight through WhatsApp! That’s it!

This made the task of getting all government IDs and documents in one place even easier for Indian citizens. You don’t even need the Digilocker app on your android to download documents.

What Is Digilocker?

DigiLocker is a cloud storage system for government documents such as passports, driving licenses, and so on. You can access all your documents from any device with an Internet connection and use them to verify your identity online. Once you register your mobile number in DigiLocker, all you need to do is download an e-Aadhaar to have access to your Aadhaar and DigiLocker data. There’s no need to carry the physical copies of these documents around with you anymore. The best part? DigiLocker has just launched a new feature that lets you get all your official documents by simply sending an SMS or WhatsApp message. Here’s all that we know about Digilocker on Whatsapp as of now

Services and Documents Available in Digilocker on Whatsapp

Not all, but a few important documents you can easily download through the Digilocker WhatsApp number.

Lets a have a look:-

1. Digilocker Aadhar card download

2. PAN card download

3. Vehicle Registration Certificate Download

4. Driving License Download

5. CBSE 10th Marksheet Download

6. CBSE 12th Marksheet Download

7. Insurance Policy Document Download

8. COWIN Vaccine Certificate Download

9. COWIN Vaccine Slot Booking

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How To Access DigiLocker on your WhatsApp In 6 Easy Steps :

Let’s see how we can download all our important documents through Digilocker on WhatsApp by saving the Digilocker WhatsApp number which is the MyGov HelpDesk Number.

Step 1: Save the Digilocker WhatsApp number as MyGov HelpDesk to use Digilocker Through Whatsapp

Save the Digilocker WhatsApp number “9013151515“(DigiLocker contact Number) into your phone’s Contact. Save it with the name MyGov Helpdesk (though you can use other names). Now you can easily find this number on Whatsapp.

DigiLocker on WhatsApp
DigiLocker on WhatsApp

Step 2: In Whatsapp Refresh the Contact List to find the Digilocker Whatsapp Number.

If you cant see the Digilocker WhatsApp number at first then you need to refresh the contact list of Whatsapp. After you have found the number open the MyGov HelpDesk chat window.

DigiLocker on your WhatsApp
DigiLocker on WhatsApp

Step 3: Type “Hi” or “Namaste” or “Digilocker” in the Chat Window.

After you have typed either of these the Digilocker Whatsapp chatbot will get activated. And show you if you want Cowin Services or Digilocker WhatsApp services. We will show you the PAN card online download process through Digilocker on Whatsapp.

what is digilocker
Digilocker on WhatsApp ios

Step 4: Select Diglocker Services and Tap Yes.

As we are going to PAN card online download through Whatsapp Digilocker, you need to select “Digilocker Services“. Next, you need to press Yes when the chatbot asks “Do you have a Digilocker Account?”

digilocker cowin vaccine certificate download
Digilocker on WhatsApp in India

Step 5: Enter your 12 Digit Aadhar Number to authenticate yourself.

After you’ve selected yes the chatbot will ask your 12 Digit Aadhar number to find your Digilocker Account. After you’ve given the aadhar number, the chatbot will ask for OTP which it will send to your phone number linked with the Aadhar number.

digilocker marksheet
Digilocker on WhatsApp in India

Step 6: Select from the list of documents which you want to Download.

After you’ve authenticated yourself with the OTP, the chatbot will show you a list of documents you can download such as Aadhar card download, PAN card download, Vehicle Registration Certificate Download, Driving License Download and Digilocker results especially Digilocker CBSE result like Digilocker CBSE 10th Marksheet Download, CBSE 12th Marksheet Download, Digilocker Marksheet and Insurance Policy Document Download. Also, you can download the Digilocker vaccine certificate same as the COWIN Vaccine certificate

digilocker cbse result
DigiLocker WhatsApp number

Step 7: Select PAN card for PAN card online download

Enter your 10-Digit PAN number and then the chatbot will ask you the full name according to the PAN card for pan card online download through digilocker on Whatsapp.

digilocker whatsapp number
Digilocker PAN card online download

After entering the necessary details, it will take a few seconds to process your details beyond that you will get your PAN card(or whatever document you’ve chosen) in PDF format.

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As Digilocker is available through Whatsapp you can also use Digilocker on WhatsApp web(for pc) or Digilocker on WhatsApp ios.

You can also directly Digilocker and see your documents here from the browser itself instantly.

NOTE:- Sometimes you may receive an “Internal Server Error” message from the chatbot but don’t worry just try after a period of 15 mins again you can download your document without any error.

Digilocker Whatsapp FAQs

How to download vehicle registration certificate through Digilocker on Whatsapp?

You need to authenticate yourself first with your aadhar number. After that, the chatbot will show you a list of documents available in the digilocker, select Vehicle registration Certificate from that list. And enter the necessary details to download

How to download digilocker cbse 10th result through Whatsapp?

You need to authenticate yourself first with your aadhar number. After that, the chatbot will show you a list of documents available in the digilocker, select Class X Marksheet from that list. And enter the necessary details like Roll no, Board, and year to download.

How to download a driving license online?

You need to authenticate yourself first with your aadhar number. After that, the chatbot will show you a list of documents available in the digilocker, select Driving License from that list. And enter the driving license number to download.

How to use Digilocker on WhatsApp in India?

Save the Digilocker WhatsApp number “9013151515” into your phones Contact. And ping “Hi” or “Namaste” to the number in WhatsApp and authenticate yourself to download and use the digilocker services through WhatsApp.

Can I use digilocker on WhatsApp for laptop?

Yes since digilocker is now also available through WhatsApp you can use digilocker on WhatsApp services from your laptop itself through WhatsApp web.

Is digilocker a government app?

Yes, digilocker is an Indian government app for the retrieval and storage of documents all in one place.

Can I download the COWIN vaccine certificate through digilocker on Whatsapp?

Yes, after you have pinged the MyGov chatbot it will ask you if you want
Digilocker online services or Cowin Services. Opt for Cowin Services for all your Covid certificate in DigiLocker download and slot booking process. This is How to download Covid vaccination certificate with Aadhaar number

How to get documents in digilocker WhatsApp?

It’s super easy to get all your documents from digilocker Whatsapp. You need to ping “Hi” to the MyGov Whatsapp number 9013151515 to get the list of documents which you want to download.

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Let us know if you faced any problems while downloading the documents from digilocker on WhatsApp.

Comment below if you like this way of downloading your important documents or not?

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