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What’s The Best Coding Language To Learn First [Free Courses Included 2022]

what's the best coding language to learn first

How do you choose the best coding language to learn? With so many programming languages out there, it can be hard to choose which one to start with. The good news is that there are several beginner-friendly programming languages out there not a single one to stick with, and you can easily find resources to help you learn each one of them, no matter what your skill level might be.

And the unfortunate news is that there are more than 700 programming languages according to Wikipedia to choose from. Hold on don’t worry that’s where we come to make your coding journey smooth. Let’s take a look at some of the best coding language(s) for beginners and that 700 its just a number relax.

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Best Programming Language to Learn In 2022 | Best Coding Language of 2022

If you want fast results without mastering a programming language, consider choosing one that doesn’t require much experience on your part or has language extensions or libraries that help ease development. Popular choices include PHP, Python, Ruby and Java. Remember that learning how to code doesn’t require any previous knowledge if you go through courses designed specifically for beginners.

Gone are days when companies were hesitant about hiring new graduates; now, they actively seek out recent grads because of their fresh perspectives on problem-solving and ability to adapt quickly. Google Trends data shows searches for computer science jobs jumped an incredible 66% from 2013–to 2015, suggesting demand is high—and growing even more. If job opportunities interest you most of all (they should!), then go with one of these best coding language to learn first that is: Java or Python.

Let’s have a look at them now.

1. Python (the best coding language of 2022)

If you are a geeky guy like us you must have heard about python right? that magical language through which we can do anything we can ever imagine like building a JARVIS kind of AI or accessing someone else’s system. Originally created by Guido van Rossum, Python is a high-level programming language that’s great for novices thanks to its simplicity. It’s also one of the most versatile languages on the market, which means it can support developers in nearly any context. Needless to say, it is the best programming language for beginners.

Today, there are millions of people using Python on a regular basis and more than 100,000 active projects using it—this makes it a great language for job security as well as personal growth. Plus, companies like Google and NASA use Python every day. Python is used in a lot of data related works like forecasting, analysis, and visualisation so it is also the best coding language for finance. For these reasons (and many others), learning how to code with Python is a good place to start your programming journey! So it tops our list of best coding language(s).

Applications: Python is largely used in Data Science, Data Analysis, Data Visualisation, automation, Scripting, Artificial Intelligence, Web development using Django & Flask

Resources to learn Python

  1. Codeacademy
  2. Freecode camp
  3. Datacamp
  4. Google Python Class
  5. Official Python Docs.


Given its popularity among tech giants, Java is a great place to start if you’re interested in finding a programming job. The language isn’t too complex and it’s ideal for creating dynamic web apps and mobile apps. Plus, thanks to J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition), there are many places that need developers with specific skills like database connectivity and object-oriented development. 3 billion-plus devices are powered by JAVA so you can understand how useful JAVA is.

The most surprising fact is that a JAVA developer with more than 5 years of experience is offered insanely high salaries. The syntax of Java is similar to C, C++ and not so easy as Python so we ranked it second in the list of best coding language for beginners. Unlike Python you miss a semicolon or a brace here, your whole program will throw an error.

Applications: JAVA finds its applications in desktop apps, mobile apps, android, Artificial Intelligence, web development and in lot more places.

Resources to learn Java

  1. Freecodecamp
  2. Codeacademy
  3. Learnjavaonline
  4. Udemy Free Course
  5. Programming with Mosh Youtube

3.C++ (the best coding language of 2022)

Programmers prefer C++ because it has low-level support and a wide range of features. What’s more, it can be difficult to master. There are times when it may take longer to program in C++ than it would in some other languages, but you can create high-performance applications quickly with little effort using its compiler. In fact, if you want to learn object-oriented programming from scratch(OOP) C++ is your launchpad.

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It is the first language that supported the OOP feature developed by Bjarne Stroustrup. You don’t have to be an expert to use C++, but you do need time and discipline to learn its ins and outs. It is the best coding language to learn and build up your basics. Later you can move on to advanced languages like Python or Go.

Applications: C++ is the one-stop choice for developers for creating Embedded systems, Web Browsers, Game engines like Unity, Compilers, Database applications, GUI applications and more.

Resources to learn C++

  1. Codeacademy
  2. Freecodecamp
  3. Freecodecamp Youtube
  5. Free Udemy C++ Course


Whether you’re building a personal website or starting your own business, PHP is a great programming language to learn. It is the best coding language for websites development as of now in 2022. The code is easy to follow and PHP is one of the most popular languages. The best part about learning PHP is that it works with almost every web host provider so if you ever decide to move your site, you can take your PHP coding with you.

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One of PHP’s greatest features is how user-friendly it is which means you don’t have to be a computer science expert in order to get started. If you have heard of WordPress(A CMS for blogging), then you’ll be surprised to know that it is completely powered by PHP alone. PHP is the best coding language if you want to go into the field of Web development. It also has an abundance of resources available including tutorials, training guides and reference materials for further understanding.

Applications: PHP is used to build Websites especially back-end development, more than 65% of the web is powered by PHP. Sites like Facebook, WordPress, Mailchimp, Slack, Wikipedia etc. use PHP as their sole language.

Resources to learn PHP

  1. w3schools
  2. Codeacademy
  3. Udemy Premium Free Course
  4. Traversy Media Youtube

5. Javascript

This is by far one of the most popular programming languages. It’s used in all types of web development, with jobs requiring knowledge of Javascript at a premium. If you’re looking to work as a front-end developer or create simple browser games, Javascript is where it’s at. Read up on ES6, which is an updated version of Javascript that will make coding even easier than it already is. With so many resources online, from free tutorials to paid programs and guides, you can learn how to code Javascript on your own. Along with Python, Javascript is the best programming language for AI.

Not only this, but Javascript is also the best programming language for web development with its frameworks like React, Vue.js, Node js it works exceptionally well in designing high-end web applications.

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Applications: Javascript is used in front end development, backend development for websites with its newly frameworks, mobile apps development, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality.

Resources to learn Javascript.

  1. w3schools
  2. Codeacademy
  3. Freecodecamp Youtube
  5. Udemy Premium Free Course

6. Ruby

A multi-paradigm, object-oriented language, Ruby is one of several dynamic languages that are gaining popularity. Ruby was designed and developed in Japan by Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz). It’s used to create applications like Instagram, Hulu, and Groupon. The syntax is simple enough to write a working program with very little code.

The most difficult part about learning Ruby may be getting through all of its quirky naming conventions, like method_missing(). If you want to learn how programming works at a fundamental level, try Ruby. It will teach you what variables, loops, and arrays really do.

Application: Ruby is used in DevOps, Web crawling applications, Web Scraping, Web servers and other system utilities.

Resources to learn Ruby.

  1. Codeacademy
  2. Udemy Premium Free Course
  3. Udemy Paid Ruby Course
  4. Ruby Full Course Youtube

Last Words On Best Programming Language To Learn 2022

Choosing the best coding language can be difficult, but here’s one last tip: Try to develop your skills in multiple languages. This will help you think about problems from different perspectives and learn new approaches to problem-solving. You might even discover that a language you hate is one you’re good at or vice versa. In any case, time spent learning multiple languages as a beginner is a time well spent.

Every language discussed here has its own uses in its domain like, Python is considered to be the best programming language for machine learning due to its huge library support (Scikit Learn, Numpy, Pandas, TensorFlow etc.). It’s also the best programming language for hacking as they say. Similarly, Javascript is the best programming language for web development due to its numerous frameworks (Node js, React, Vue etc.).

Remember: no matter what your end goal is (entry-level job or starting your own company), take time out of your schedule each week or every day to learn something new about coding; find an app that teaches you one thing at a time and make sure you practice! No one gets a programming job after just 6 months of learning code—the key is practice, practice, practice! Hope we could able to help you make some choices about the best coding language of 2022 to start your programming journey.

Note:- All the courses mentioned in the lists above are the best free resources available on the internet collected by our team.

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