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Friday AI: The Best AI Content Writer for Content Creators in 2022

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Are you a content creator who’s been struggling to find the time to write your next blog, even though you know that writing it is key to success? And are you sick of investing in editors who simply aren’t up to snuff when it comes to editing your technical writing? If so, you should consider using Friday AI which is by far the best AI content writer available in 2022 according to many content creators like us.

This article will introduce you to the artificial intelligence writing assistants, which I believe to be the best AI content writer and writing assistant, as well as its features and advantages in comparison with other similar tools. It will also provide a brief guide on how to use it and help you to take full advantage of its potential benefits. Please read on if you are looking for the best AI writing assistant for your next project and want to know more about it!

Getting started with Friday AI

As we have already said that Friday AI is the best AI content writer in 2022 we take full responsibility to convince you that Friday AI is the best AI writing assistant which you need to use in 2022 if you are in the content creation business for a while.

You might ask why. Hold on we have reasons which will blow your mind.

While there are many AI writing assistants, that optimize the use of GPT-3 software, Friday AI stands above the rest not only in user experience but in quality of results and path of development. Friday AI is one of the youngest players in the industry but has already been able to go toe to toe with the industry leaders, converting some of their loyal fans over to Friday. 

In case you don’t know what GPT-3 is let me give you a little backdrop. GPT aka Generative Pretrained Transformer is an AI model specifically a language model which was developed in the OpenAI lab located in San Francisco. This very AI language model has been trained on humongous text datasets with billions of words.

These models predominantly are trained to perform tasks such as Text generation from input words, Question Answering and text summarization. This means with a few words like “How does a Computer Work ?” you can generate a large paragraph describing how a computer works with great detail that too fresh unique content. See plagiarism result below. Sounds Interesting right? Well, let’s stop here I know you are not here for an AI 101 class.

In short Friday AI leverages this gigantic GPT-3 model to generate content for you. As Friday AI optimizes the result of GPT-3 you get a smoother version of the content out of it rather than the raw AI-generated stuff like other AI content writers and AI content generators tools we verified earlier. So we gave the crown of best AI content writer to Friday AI. Let’s now see how it can generate content for you.

How to Create a Blog Post With Friday AI in 5 mins?

We will show you the power of this best AI Content Writer by generating a whole blog post in under 5-7 minutes which otherwise would have taken you 30-40 minutes to come up with and write them down strategically.

Step 1: Head over to the homepage.

Best AI Content Writer
Best AI Content Writer: Friday AI Homepage

You can directly jump to Friday.AI from this link. After that click on Start Writing as in the screenshot to get started writing the blog and follow the rest of the steps. Trust me on this it is the best AI content writer, it’s super easy to create Blog posts, Video scripts, SEO and a lot more as they say writing with Friday AI is as easy as a Friday afternoon.

Step 2: Navigate to the Blog Idea & Outline Template.

Best AI Content Writer
Best AI Content Writer: Friday AI Blog Outline Template

As you can see out of the many templates we chose the “Blog Idea & Outline” template to show you how it can create the outline of the blog for you without any manual effort on your part. We wanted to write an outline for “How a Computer Works” so the AI delivered it in 5 seconds. You can temporarily copy the output in a google doc though the workspace automatically gets saved.

This is the best AI content writer and also the best AI writing software whichever you say not only because of its content generation power but its fast and responsive UI makes it more comprehensible which is absent in most AI writing tools.

Step 3: Navigate to the Blog Intro Template.

Best AI Content Writer
Best AI Content Writer: Friday AI Blog Intro Section

After generating the outline what we usually do while writing a blog post is set up the intro of the post to engage our audience right? Well, the same goes here, navigate to the blog intro template and enter your blog title and just click on “Generate AI output” and you will have your intro paragraph ready in no time by this best AI content writer.

* Pro tip: If you want to generate a long intro paragraph then use “Passionate” in the select tone field. Thank me later. This trick works for any blog section hehe.

Step 4: Navigate to the Blog Section Writing Template.

best ai content writer
Best AI Writing Software: Friday AI Blog Section Writing

Now we have the outline and intro paragraph of our post ready with the best AI writing software on the market. We will now create a description for each of the points in the outline generated. It’s super easy with, just copy each point in the topic field and click on “Generate AI output” and it will write for you accurately and uniquely with real data as shown in the screenshot above.

This way you need to complete elaborating all the points in the outline generated by the Friday AI. It will hardly take you 30-40 seconds for generating a paragraph for each of the points by this super powerful and best AI writing software.

Step 5: Navigate to the Blog Conclusion Template.

best ai content writer
Best AI Writing Software: Friday AI Blog Conclusion

It’s time to wrap our blog post now so let’s generate the blog conclusion now. Navigate to the Blog conclusion template of Friday AI and paste the whole blog post you’ve created so far with AI. It will automatically generate the best possible conclusion for your blog post as shown above.

Well, congrats you just created your first AI-generated blog post without any manual effort on your part nor of any editors with this best AI content writer application online. And you see it is indistinguishable from the human written content. Nobody can label your blog post as AI generated unless they know the back story of how you’ve generated it.

Although it’s not the end of your blog post, actually there are more templates like Blog SEO improver which you can use to further improve the rankings of your post.

So why are you still paying a huge amount for editors and content writers when you can do it online with Friday AI? I already said this is the best AI content writer for another reason which is its price. Can you imagine this powerful AI writing assistant has a subscription price of only 19$ a month? No, I’m not kidding go and check out yourself here Friday AI Prices.

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If you’ve stayed this far with me I have another surprise for you. You can get this best AI writing software Friday AI unlimited trial for 5 days when you link your bank card to Friday AI. I guess in 5 days you can write a dozen of posts with Friday AI and experience its true power and then if you like you can go for a subscription easily

Now before wrapping up let’s discuss some more reasons for which you must opt for Friday AI.

Friday AI: Best AI Writer with Best Features

There is a lot of best AI writing software out there on the Internet (Best as they claim) but very few matches the performance of Friday AI. Been there in the content creation business for more than 5 years now we tried a lot of AI writing assistants but the majority of them are extremely slow and often produce irrelevant content.

Though some premium and best AI article writers and AI content generators are present but their charge is too high for a new content creator or blogger to afford. Friday AI understand this problem and made their application price way cheaper than those.

Best AI Writing Software of 2022. Click to reach Friday AI Homepage.

Following are some other features of Friday AI:

Friday AI Writer is FAST: Friday can produce up to 500 words a second, for people that still write by hand, 500 words could take up to 15 to type out. 

Friday AI Writer has MORE: With 40+ templates and 30+ writing tones, Friday can create more customized content for nearly any writing situation.

Friday AI Writer lets you CREATE: In the coming versions of Friday, users will be able to create their own template and let other users use it. Friday will reward template creators based on the success of their templates.

Friday AI Writer ASSISTS you: In the next version, Friday will present prompts while users write helping them craft logically sound and convincing content.

Friday AI Writer is CHEAPER: While being the most powerful AI assistant on the Market, it is also among the cheapest, ensuring all can save and make money using Friday.

Friday AI content generator is counting on feedback and development assistance from YOU the user to design a product that is most helpful for whatever writing task you have while giving some “Web3 Style” ownership to the user in the form of templates. 

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Other Premium Features of Friday AI

Along with the blog post, this best AI writing software and content writer can do a lot of other important tasks. If you go to the templates section of the Friday AI content generators application and scroll through all the templates you would be surprised by the number of templates it offers at such a cheap price.

It is one of the few best AI copy generator applications which also offers other templates including Facebook, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads headline, Google Ads Description, Amazon Product Description, Product Page SEO Improver, Youtube Video Ideas, Video Scripts etc.

And the list goes on, better if you give them a visit at and see all the features yourself. I hope you’ll be amazed by their features and use them in your upcoming projects.

In a matter of fact, I and my team have already been using Friday AI features in generating content for our social media handles and Google ads campaign. We are also using it as an AI copy generator tool. And definitely, it has increased our conversion rates and obviously reduced the time to write all those contents.

Friday AI is one of the youngest players in the industry but has already been able to go toe to toe with the industry leaders, converting some of their loyal fans over to Friday. 

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Best AI Content Writer FAQs

Which AI assistant is the best?

Friday AI content generator is the best AI assistant so far in regard to performance and price.

Is there a free AI writer?

You can use the Friday AI content generator for free up to certain limits to generate content then the subscription starts monthly at $19 a month.

How do I make an AI writing?

With Friday AI it’s very easy to write content you just need to know which type of content you want to create it is blog, script or SEO writing.

Will AI replace content writers?

Dont worry it’s not a terminator that will destroy the world or eat your job as they say in the movies. No matter how smart AI becomes it still needs human intervention to reformat and modify the content.

Please drop your comments, feedback, and suggestions down below. We would be more than happy to hear from you. And subscribe to the push notification to stay updated every time we post new content.

Give a headstart to your content creation journey with the best AI content writer on the Internet Friday AI. Let us know the stories of how Friday AI is helping you make life easier.

Have a Great Day !!

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