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Beginners Guide to Make Money from Blogging In 2022

how to make money from blogging

Are you just getting started with blogging? It’s not too late to make money from blogging, and this guide will help you to get started. We cover the basics of how to make money from blogging with Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and more so that you can start earning from your site as soon as possible.

How Much Money Does Blogging Make

Before you get started blogging, it’s important to know how much money you can realistically make. As with any business venture, how much money you earn will depend on a variety of factors. How much work are you willing to put in? What niche is your site dedicated to? How popular are your website and content?

If you have great content and decent marketing skills, it’s definitely possible to make a profit from your website or become an influencer within your niche. But be sure to take into account all associated costs when deciding whether or not starting a blog is right for you.

For example, we use Google AdSense for our sites, but there are other ad networks available as well. When using third-party networks, you typically don’t see 100% of ad revenue – they charge a fee (usually around 30%).

You also need to consider hosting fees and other regular maintenance costs that come with running a website. Over time, those numbers can add up quickly! We won’t tell you exactly how much money you can make blogging; ultimately, it depends on several variables that are unique to each person and their situation: what type of content do you publish? what hours do you dedicate to maintaining your site(s)? what is your rate per hour/post/etc.? And most importantly – how passionate are you about writing?

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Even then, to answer “how much do beginner bloggers make” is roughly $300-$400 money on blogging a month. But you have to put in adequate efforts to reach this income band.

Create a Blog First

How To Create A Blog For Free And Make Money? Before you can make money, you need a place to monetize your traffic. That’s why before even thinking about making money, you should get started with blogging by creating a website or web presence that you plan on using as your primary vehicle for getting noticed.

You don’t have to spend big bucks; blogging sites like Squarespace or WordPress make it easy and cheap (or free) to set up a site. And these days, most hosting services throw in domain registration for free as well.

Or, if you just want to get away with all the hassles of setting up hosting and buying a domain, you can just go with Google’s blogger platform. Just because you don’t have a large audience doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create an online presence; start small but start now. When you do think about monetizing, consider your options: many major media outlets allow you to advertise on their platforms—which is a great way for anyone new to advertising to get their feet wet.

Top Niches For Blogging | Best Topics To Blog About For Money

An easy way to figure out which niche is best for you is by looking at other bloggers in your space and seeing how they rank. Simply search [your niche] + blogger on Google and see who comes up first. You can also see what most bloggers write about by searching [your niche] blogs and taking a look at some of their top posts.

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Check out each website, subscribe if it’s relevant, learn everything there is to know about them and more importantly, get inspired! Start writing similar content as soon as possible; don’t wait until you feel ready because if you do that, it might never happen. Remember – practice makes perfect!

Top Niches For Blogging
Top Niches For Blogging.Technology vector created by storyset –

List Of Best Niches For Blogging In 2022 To Start With:

Here we discuss the 5 Best Niches To Start Blogging even though there are plenty of other niches to try out. So research on your part is recommended.

  • Personal Finance: This is the most profitable blog niche always. You may talk about investing, Money saving tips , Budgeting, Market tips etc. Very good chance of sponsorship is present in this niche.
  • Fashion & Lifestyle: It is profitable niche if you love posting in Instagram.You may talk about latest & upcoming fashion trends and as a money making tip you can promote a lot of products here.

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  • Business & Marketing: It’s the most blooming niche in 2022 with the rise of digital marketing and products.These days evry other blog talks about blogging ,marketung , B2B etc.
  • Technology & Gaming: It’s an evergreen niche as you can see every other day a new smartphone , laptop , Graphics card is lauchning. And it leaves you with huge opprtunity of reviewing this products in your blog.
  • Parenting: Well this niche has a crisis of content in the whole internet. So if you have good experience of parenting you can definitely open up a parenting blog.

Ways To Make Money From Blogging & Finding The Best Payment Model for Your Niche

There is obviously money in blogging industry but it all comes down to the strategy you use to monetize your blog. When it comes to monetizing your online blog, what payment model works best? The truth is that there are many options out there. You have affiliate marketing, selling digital goods, charging for membership and selling advertising space on your site.

To determine which payment model would work best for you, simply think about what your niche is and how you can capitalize on that by creating a business around it.

For example, if you have a real estate blog and you’re looking to make money off of it, perhaps an ad network would be perfect because that’s something real estate agents advertise with all the time: commercial ads. Likewise, if you run a travel website in need of income, perhaps affiliate marketing with hotel booking sites would help.

If these models don’t suit your needs, then try experimenting with different ways to get paid for your writing online!

Money from Blogging: #1 Google’s Ad sense to Monetize Your blog

You don’t have to be a seasoned blogger or even an expert at making money online to start earning revenue from your website. One of my favourite ways for beginners is Google AdSense. It’s simple, easy, and free. There are other monetization options out there, but Google AdSense has become incredibly popular in recent years because it works so well.

When you first sign up with AdSense, you only need a bank account and a working e-mail address. From there, you can easily set up an ad unit on one page of your site; with just that single page enabled, you could potentially bring in more than $50 per month without any additional effort!

Money From Blogging: #2 Ad Networks To Monetize blog

There are several different ad networks that you can use to monetize your site. Here’s a list of ad networks that you should consider: AdSense, Chitika, Google’s Content Network, Kontera and more. All in all, here are your options for income based on how much of a beginner you are. This will not be an inclusive list but they are all good ad networks.

Some have high acceptance rates while others don’t accept any blogs at all. If you get approved by these ad networks it is going to be because you put a lot of time into submitting great content, which I believe is half of making money with a website as opposed to just trying every network out there and getting rejected every time until someone eventually accepts one.

Money From Blogging: #3 Sponsored Reviews In Blog

Many companies and individuals are willing to pay bloggers for a product review, but it is difficult for you as a blogger to be able to write about a company’s product or service in an unbiased way. If you do decide to do sponsored reviews, make sure that there is no conflict of interest, such as if you have used or are currently using any products from that company. Additionally, always disclose when a post has been written at least in part due to sponsorship.

Money From Blogging: #4 Sell your own ebooks to generate money

Once you have a readership, if you’re interested in monetizing your writing, you can use your existing following to sell ebooks. Write on topics that people are willing to pay for and offer downloadable ebooks as a bonus for subscribing to your email list. Start with a free ebook—it’s an effective way of building relationships with potential customers, which makes it easy for them to trust your product when it comes time for them to make their purchase.

Money From Blogging: #5 Affiliate Marketing to Generate Commission

Affiliate marketing is becoming a very popular method of blogging in recent years, and for good reason. It’s possible to generate money by recommending products and services on your site, even if it’s not related to your niche. The best part about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have complete control over what you promote—all you need is a product or service that can be purchased online, and then place links within your content pointing toward those items. If someone clicks through an ad and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Money From Blogging: #6 CPA Networks & PPC Campaigns

Paid advertising, such as through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns and Cost Per Action/Acquisition (CPA) networks, is one of the easiest ways for beginner bloggers to monetize their website or online presence. In fact, for someone who knows nothing about blogging or marketing at all and is looking for a way to make money quickly with minimal effort, writing affiliate product reviews can be very lucrative. You won’t even need your own website!

With that said, there are two main types of paid advertising in which you can engage: CPA Networks and PPC Campaigns. Let’s start by explaining what each means: A CPA network is an advertising platform that allows users to buy traffic for a given action (usually an email submission). This could mean clicking on an ad link or completing some sort of conversion on an advertiser’s site… like filling out a lead form. The network then pays out based on these actions.

Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing

In this guide to blogging for money, this question will obviously be popping up by now. Which One’s Right for You?: When it comes time to choose between Adsense and affiliate marketing, you have a number of important factors that should determine your decision. For example, if you want a quick way to start making money online, Adsense might be right for you. It’s incredibly simple; simply publish relevant content on your site and ads will appear next to it throughout Google search results.

The majority of revenue generated by an Adsense account goes directly into your bank account each month, which makes it extremely appealing. If you don’t mind devoting more time to a project, however, affiliate marketing can be very lucrative — especially if you find an interesting product or niche in which there are lots of people searching for information.

Additionally, with affiliate marketing, getting access to product manufacturers is much easier than with Adsense because they don’t manage ads — third parties do.

What Should I Do With The Money?

If you decide to use AdSense on your website, it’s a good idea to remember that your income is affected by so many things—the amount of traffic you receive, whether or not your ad placements are ideal, and more. So now you write blogs for money its absolutely impressive but once you’ve earned some money (congratulations!), you have several options.

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First and foremost: save it! After all, it took hard work to get that money from blogging; don’t let yourself splurge out of impatience or frustration. You can also(must) reinvest in growing your audience by trying paid advertising on other sites. Or, you can invest that money in Keyword Research tools like Semrush, ahref, ubersuggest. These tools will ease your struggles with keyword research for your upcoming post.

Or, you can try buying pro plans of your WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or Rankmath which will help you immensely in optimizing your blog post for professional-level SEO.

Should I Pay Someone to Optimize My Site or Should I Do It Myself?

If you don’t have time or aren’t interested in learning all of these little optimization tricks, and are willing to part with a little money or money from blogging as an investment towards your blog, you can pay someone on Fiverr or Upwork. The best thing about hiring someone is that they can do it all for you—or at least most of it.

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The downside is that you may spend more than if you did it yourself. It depends on how much work you feel like doing. The first website always have very low traffic and so there is no rush to get it done fast; however, since we were trying to make money quickly (as per our definition), we wanted someone who could optimize our site quickly because traffic would take a while before we saw any profits from Google Ads revenue.

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How To Make Money From Blogging FAQ’s

How to write blogs for money 

Choose your niche. Create a Blog. Put some 15-20 posts. Then start monetizing your blog either by AdSense or by affiliate marketing.

Can you make money from blogging in 2022

Yes !! the blogging industry is still growing in 2022. So there is a high chance you can make some good money out of it. Provided you are consistent in making posts and optimizing them throughout your blogging journey.

How to make money from blogging 2022

Either start with google’s free blogger which is free or go with WordPress to create your blog. Then generate content on your blog. Lastly, as discussed find a payment model that suits your niche.

Please drop your comments, feedback, suggestions down below. We would be more than happy to hear from you. And subscribe to the push notification to stay updated every time we post new content.

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