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geekyprofessor About Us

Hi myself Aritra Dutta, a technology lover and a geek who loves spending time with blogs, technical documentation, new gadgets, coding and a lot of other tech stuff and loves helping people with my knowledge. Having a bachelor’s degree in engineering with a computer science major, I enjoy reviewing new gadgets and helping people with day to day tricky tasks on smartphones and PCs. I believe everyone can do everything in life that humans have ever invented on earth.

I and my team manage this new tech review, tips & tricks blog For any suggestions, or improvements in the content you can always drop us a comment in the comment section of the particular post. Or, you can fill up the Contact Us form for the same. We would love to hear from our readers. And if you like our content, please share it with your friends, family, colleagues and groups.

I Believe Limitation Only Exists In The Mind.

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