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5 Hidden Gmail Features of 2022

Hidden Gmail Features

Gmail needs no introduction in this covid stricken world when work from home has become the new norm. So you want to make the best out of your very own Google’s Gmail right? This blog post will discuss the 5 Gmail hidden features to make our corporate life more productive and easier. Gmail hosts tons of different features that demand a lot of exploration by the users to get familiar with and take the right advantage of this most underrated feature. So let’s dive into exploring the 5 Hidden Gmail Features of 2022.

Hidden Gmail Features

Hidden Gmail Features

Hidden Gmail Features 1: Sent mails in Gmail while offline

This is the most surprising feature of Gmail, isn’t it? How can we even send emails when we don’t have an internet connection? Well, it’s possible in Gmail. By this feature everything like reading, labelling, searching and replying to emails is possible. But please remember these Hidden Gmail Features are only available for Chrome users. There’s a special extension of Google Chrome that sync all your emails when chrome gets internet access. That’s why this feature is helpful when you have an unstable connection.

You just send an email offline, and Gmail stores that mail in the outbox folder and send it when your connection restores. Remember setting up Gmail offline feature needs you to allocate some space in any folder in the hard drive for its use. To enable this feature visit the Settings page, Under the General‘ tab you will find the ‘Offline’ tab click on it. By default, it will be disabled, so enable it like in the screenshot below.

Hidden Gmail Features
Settings -> General tab -> Offline -> Enable Offline Mail

Detailed steps to set up the Gmail offline feature is discussed in another post.

Hidden Gmail Features 2: Activate Auto Advance In Gmail

This is the most time-saving tip of Gmail that every user should know. We often receive tons of unnecessary emails and spend a huge chunk of the time deleting those emails. Till now after deleting one mail you click on back then select another mail read it and then decide if it needs to be deleted. But no more time-wasting on clicking back again and again. Just visit the Setting page of Gmail from there on go to the Advanced tab.

You will see Auto Advance at the top, enable it. Finally, click on Save Changes at the bottom to save the settings. Gmail will reload once to save the updated settings. Now onwards if you mute or delete any mail, automatically the next mail in the list will come to you. So you don’t need to visit the inbox again and again by clicking back. This is one of the coolest secret Gmail features.

Hidden Gmail Features
Setting -> Advanced -> Auto-Advance -> Enable

Hidden Gmail Features 3: Get New Mail Notification In Desktop

Did you know you can still get the notification of a new mail without even opening Gmail? Sounds Interesting right? With a little tweak in the Gmail setting, you can achieve this so that when a new mail comes you receive a notification on the desktop itself. In fact, you can even choose which category of the email should give you a desktop notification like only important ones. Visit the same Settings page once again, then to General Tab. Visit the Desktop Notification Section and Turn On the Important Mail Notifications.

Hidden Gmail Features
Settings -> General -> Go to Bottom of the page -> Go to Desktop Notification Section

Hidden Gmail Features 4: Snooze – To Take A Break From A Mail

This is another hidden Gmail feature and the benefits are awesome. We all have some irritating yet important emails crawling in our inboxes. But did you know you can just take a break from such mails for a certain time? No, I guess. Gmail provides us with a Snooze feature for emails that we aren’t ready to respond to or can’t decide if it needs to be deleted right now.

But you can just delay this decision-making process with the Gmail Snooze feature. Open any email and you will find a clock icon at the top on clicking it you will see a list of options for snoozing – ‘Later Today‘, ‘This Weekend‘, ‘Tomorrow‘, ‘Next Week‘. And if you are not satisfied with any of the options, click on the last option ‘Pick date & time‘ to choose a custom time until which you want to snooze the mail.

Hidden Gmail Features
Open any email -> Click on the clock Icon -> Choose Snoozing time

Hidden Gmail Features 5: Unsend A Mail

Well, this is the feature for which you will always want to come back to us because this trick can save you from getting fired at the job or can save you from getting rejected for an interview. Why? we often regret just the moment after we sent the mail because it had many ear-piercing words or maybe it had too many typos. So let’s see the hidden Gmail setting to tweak to unsend an email.

First of all, visit the same Settings page and then to the General tab under which click on the Advanced tab. If you scroll a bit you can find the option “Undo Send”, there select the maximum value as 30 seconds. And, lastly don’t forget to click on ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom. This will let you unsend an email within 30 seconds of sending it. Please remember you can’t unsend it beyond this time limit, so use this 30 seconds judiciously.

Hidden Gmail Features
Settings -> General -> Undo Send

“how to unsend an email in Gmail?” is a topic for another blog post. Stay tuned.

FAQ Hidden Gmail Features

Can you use Gmail offline on firefox, safari?

No, Gmail offline Feature is only available for Google Chrome.

Can you Unsend an email in Gmail after an hour?

No, Gmail unsend feature only works up to 30 seconds after a mail has been sent.

Which OS support Gmail desktop notification? 

All desktop os supports Gmail desktop notification.

For how long you can snooze a mail?

There is no time limit as such till which you can snooze a mail.

For more information regarding the hidden Gmail features available check out the Google support page here.

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