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5 Best Whatsapp Tricks Of 2022

whatsapp tips and tricks

Being the most popular messaging app of the decade, WhatsApp often surprises its users with new features with updates. But with tons of updates day after day, we often forget the features that were added in the previous updates. We all want to make the best out of Whatsapp right? but we don’t know-how. So here comes the post that discusses the 5 Whatsapp tips and tricks of 2022 to take your messaging experience to the next level.

Best Whatsapp Tricks Of 2021

Best Whatsapp Tricks Of 2022

We have discussed here the 5 hidden features of our favourite messaging platform Whatsapp. Whatsapp have more than 2 billion users worldwide wide which makes it the most popular messaging app available at the play store. In spite of Whatsapp’s controversial privacy updates, it didn’t lose its fan base at all. So these Whatsapp tricks often come in handy for personal or official work.

1. Reading Whatsapp Messages Without Notifying Sender In Whatsapp

This is one of the most searched Secret WhatsApp tricks on google, that everybody should know. Well, the steps are pretty easy. After you have received a text on Whatsapp, the first step is to swipe down the notification pane and Switch on the Airplane Mode. And now go to WhatsApp read the message peacefully as long as you want.

The second step is now carefully to remove Whatsapp from the list of currently opened apps. Please note if you exit Whatsapp by pressing the back button this trick won’t work. Because if you do it the latter way, then the moment your data connection will be available again Whatsapp will sync that you have already sent the message and will send the read receipt.

The last step is after closing WhatsApp switch off the flight mode. So you have just read the text without letting the sender know about it.

32 of the best whatsapp tips and tricks for 2018
Credit: The Geeky Professor

2. Preformat The Text Before Sending In Whatsapp

This is one of the best WhatsApp tricks for text and WhatsApp font tricks. You can make a text BOLD, ITALIC AND STRIKETHROUGH. So how do you do it? let’s see.

To make text bold in Whatsapp, place an asterisk before and after your text like *here comes your text*

To make text italic in Whatsapp, place an underscore before and after your text like _here comes your text_

To make text strikethrough in Whatsapp, place a tilde before and after your text like ~here comes your text~

best whatsapp tricks 2021
Credit: The Geeky Professor

3. Starring A Message In Whatsapp

This is one of my favourite Whatsapp secret tricks. Not many people are aware of this extremely helpful feature so it’s a secret between you and me. Starring a message helps you to keep all important messages either you received or sent to someone at a place where you can easily go back to retrieve them. Now how do you do it? Select any message by pressing it for a while from a conversation and clicking on the star icon above. And the particular message will be starred.

To retrieve a starred message is again pretty straightforward. On the WhatsApp home screen click on the three-dot in the upper-right corner -> Click on Starred Messages.

You can mark the wifi password at the office, email address or contact details as starred. So that you can get back to it instantly without surfing a whole lot of text in the chats.

amazing whatsapp secret tricks
Credit: The Geeky Professor

4. Find Your BFF In Whatsapp

Best Friend Forever in case you don’t know what BFF is, just kidding. Though our readers are smart enough to get this. So How do you do it? Go to Whatsapp Homescreen -> Settings -> Storage and data -> Manage storage. Here you will see a list of people who are consuming space of your phone by sending their text, images, videos and stickers sorted from highest to lowest. So by now, I hope you have got your BFF with whom you chat the most. This is the best of Whatsapp secret tricks I bet.

Technically, you can also free up your phone’s space by pointing out the large files present in this list.

5 whatsapp tricks you should know
Credit: The Geeky Professor

5. Add Chat Shortcut in Whatsapp

So we are planning to take your relationship with your BFF to another level with these Whatsapp tricks. Why open Whatsapp again and again when you receive a text? Instead, create a shortcut in the phones home screen. How do you do it? Select the chat most important to you -> Click on the three-dot on upper-right corner -> Click on Add chat shortcut -> Drag and drop the chat icon to the preferred place on the phones’ home screen

Now a small icon with the contact name will be displayed on the phone home screen, from here you can access their Whatsapp Chat directly.

So, this sums up the 5 Best Whatsapp Tricks Of 2022. Though there are many other tricks to discuss, we found these 5 Secret Whatsapp tricks to be the most relevant. Other Whatsapp hidden features will be discussed shortly. Stay tuned for the next post about Whatsapp secret codes.

Whatsapp Tricks FAQ

How do you know someone tracking your WhatsApp?

Open Whatsapp settings and go to Whatsapp Web, you will see a list of devices connected through the web interface of your WhatsApp account. This way you can find the tracker accessing Whatsapp without your permission.

What are different Whatsapp typing tricks?

As already mentioned you can bold, italicize, strikethrough the text before sending. Additionally, Whatsapp now supports also sending a text in monospace, place three backticks ( ` ) before and after your text.

How to change the font size on WhatsApp?

Go to settings -> Chats -> Font size. Choose from three font size small,medium ,Large.

How do you change the font colour of the text in Whatsapp?

Whatsapp natively doesn’t support changing text colour. But here the trick is to use a third-party app called BlueWords. Remember to give accessibility features to this app so that you can change text colour directly from WhatsApp. Note: Use any third party app at your own risk.

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