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5 Best Money Making Apps For Android Phones

When it comes to earning money who doesn’t like it? And how about earning from your android phones? Yes, you read it right you can earn a decent amount of money to help yourself and your family too by using android apps. In this list of 5 Best Money Making Apps For Android Phones, we will be covering apps through which you can easily earn thousands without any investment. Sounds Cools Right? Let’s dive in.

Money Making Apps For Android Phones Introduction

We won’t fool you here that you can earn in millions. Only a few 1% of people can only do that with years of expertise. We all have different sources of earning money either through a full time or part-time job, business, youtube etc. But as a student, we don’t have any of these sources available to us. Neither do we have the funding to start anything of our own or to invest money in the stocks or elsewhere. So these 5 Best Money Making Apps For Android Phones list will hugely benefit the student community as well as the house makers to earn some quick money.

And if you can do it diligently you can earn the amount same that of a full-time job. So instead of wasting our free time on smartphones, let’s earn some amount through android apps. Please Note while downloading these apps either you download directly from the play store or click on our link which again will redirect you to the play store. Because many third-party sites can provide you with malicious apk files full of spyware.

List of Best Money Making Apps For Android Phones of 2022

Here comes the list of 5 Best Money Making Apps For Android Phones

Roz Dhan: Earn Wallet cash, Read News & Play Games

Best Money Making Apps For Android Phones
Credit: Playstore

This is the best app to earn money which currently is trending on #1. In the Roz Dhan app, you can earn in two ways- First, you have to do some simple tasks like app install, play games(money earning games), read news, check daily horoscope, walking task, Puzzle Task and complete the various surveys. And second, you can also earn by inviting friends on this app. As soon as your friend joins the app you get Rs.12 which can be withdrawn on a linked Paytm account.

Also, you can earn app coins by reading news articles through push notifications of the app. And most importantly the games you play here are completely free when other app charges you money.

Wish to get paid for burning your own calories? Well, Roz Dhan is the app you need. You just walk, count your steps and convert your steps to money that’s it. So you are getting paid for being fit. Give it a try and let us know.

Task Bucks: Earn Wallet cash, Free mobile Recharge & coins

Best Money Making Apps For Android Phones
Credit: Playstore

This app ranks second in our list of Best Money Making Apps For Android Phones. Presently task bucks have 10,000,000+ installs. This is an app similar to Roz Dhan where you need to earn money by Playing Quizzes & games, Completing simple tasks on phone as per provided steps, Inviting friends, Participating in daily contests to win Free Mobile Recharges to get app coins. And at midnight it happens your coins get converted into cash.

You can earn up to Rs.70 by inviting friends and through referrals.

Additionally, you can also do free mobile recharge and data pack recharge, pay postpaid mobile bills of up to Rs. 500 for all mobile service providers. And the cash can also be transferred to the linked wallet easily.

Meesho: Online Shopping-Lowest Prices, Best Quality

Best Money Making Apps For Android Phones
Credit: Playstore

Meesho is ideal for those individuals who already have a small business or someone working in the product selling domain. It is founded by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal in 2015. Since then it is helping millions of small scale businesses to come online through their app in India.

You can sell your products very easily on meesho. You just signup on the app, then search through a list of products at wholesale prices to find your products to sell. After you have found the product of your choice to sell, you just have to share with it your family, friends, colleagues or existing customer networks on Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. Once you have started getting orders you can add your profit margin to the wholesale price and then collect the payment from customers. And finally, place the orders for them.

Google Opinion Rewards

Best Money Making Apps For Android Phones
Credit: Playstore

When it comes to earning from android apps and the app itself is from google, the credibility increases by many folds. So this is our fourth best money making apps for android Phones. Google Opinion Rewards app is created by the Google Surveys team. It involves answering quick surveys and earning google play credits.

After you signup on to the app by answering a few questions, you will receive surveys on weekly basis. The app will show you a notification when a short and relevant survey will be available to fill. The best part is you can earn up to 1 USD in play credit by completing surveys. Surveys generally include answering some questions like “What is your favourite travel destination?” or “Which logo is best ?”

The only not-so-good part of this app is that you cant convert the play credit into real cash. Though the play credit can obviously be used for in-app purchases, purchasing games from the play store or purchasing movie tickets.

mCent Browser – Recharge Browser

Best Money Making Apps For Android Phones
Credit: Playstore

The most interesting feature of this is mCent is a smartphone browser and also an earning app itself. If you want to earn money through referral tasks, this is the best app for you. mCent also involves the completion of a few tasks to earn some quick money. Tasks like watching videos, downloading some specified apps, visiting links etc.

The best part is while doing these tasks you don’t need to worry about your data pack being exhausted. This app gifts its user’s a free data pack most of the time applicable to all mobile networks. mCent links your Paytm account for seamless transfer of your earnings.

So from now onwards use this app the browse the internet instead of another browser to earn some cash. You can earn up to 199 Rs of free Talktime or data by just browsing the internet. Awesome isn’t it?

What you are waiting for go ahead and download some apps from our bucket of Best Money Making Apps For Android Phones. Start using it today.

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Here in the 5 Best Money Making Apps For Android Phones list we presented the most suitable apps for all. However, this list also includes a few other apps like MX takatak, Dream 11, Helo app. But somehow we felt that those apps won’t be suitable for all our readers. As those involves video or shorts creation and posting them and some apps which may be uncomfortable for some.

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We have done top to bottom research on finding the best android apps for money earning in 2021. Hope you will enjoy using the app to earn some cash and acknowledge our efforts.

FAQ On Best Money Making Apps For Android Phones

How can I make fast money online?

Understanding that everything takes time is very crucial when you set for earning money through online platforms. It would take time to earn a decent amount. But it is very possible through online apps, blogs, marketing.

How can I earn extra money from home?

If you are looking for a side income, then this list of apps you can try to earn a good amount. Initially, it can be demotivating, but once you get the hang of it you can do it easily.

How can I earn pocket money online?

You can make a sufficient amount through online apps if you do it consistently. Again it would take time to reach a level when you can earn that of a full-time job through online apps, marketing, blogging etc.

Let us know if we have missed any app to include in the list of Best Money Making Apps For Android Phones. Comment below the name of the app and we will include it in our bucket after verification.

Please drop your comments, feedback, and suggestions down below. We would be more than happy to hear from you. And subscribe to the push notification to stay updated every time we post new content.

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