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5 Budget-Friendly Best Graphics Cards Under 15000 Rupees – [February 2022] Updated

best graphics card under 15000

Best graphics cards under 15000 rupees can be troublesome to find but worry not we are here with the finest list of the budget graphics card. Especially since these days you need a lot of power to play even the most demanding games at acceptable frame rates, you need to be very choosy while picking up your next GPU. You can spend easily over 20000 rupees or more on a graphics card alone, so you have to be selective when shopping if you’re on a budget. Here are the five best graphics cards you can get for under 15000 rupees that will still let you play most of the latest games in acceptable quality settings and with playable frame rates.

Budget Graphics Card in India – An Overview

Buying a graphics card for your PC is very important. This can decide if you want to play games at higher settings or choose an economical graphic card and compromise on quality. Graphic cards are among one of the most important pieces of hardware in your PC which is why we have made a list of some of the best budget-friendly graphics card under 15000 rupees in India that offers great performance at affordable prices.

You will also find the dual fan and triple fan coolers here so cooling won’t be much of an issue either. Moreover, since we are talking about budget-priced cards, you need not worry about compatibility as well since almost all these graphics cards come with full support for both AMD and Intel chipsets. There is no need to pay more money if you already have a compatible CPU in place.

How to Choose the Best Graphics Cards For Your PC

The world of gaming PCs is a highly competitive one, with many manufacturers trying to sell you their latest and greatest graphics cards at a premium price. However, every once in a while, something comes along that can perform well for much less. And if you know what to look for, getting a great and best graphics card in India for under Rs. 15k is possible.

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Here’s what you need to know before buying your next GPU Anyway, as mentioned earlier, we feel like GeForce GTX 1050 4GB edition is one of the best choices available right now if you’re looking for a powerful yet inexpensive graphics card, which is also the best budget ddr5 graphics card. It’s very compact and doesn’t require any external power connector either, so installation should be pretty straightforward.

Now let’s have a look what are the factors you need to look for crucially before buying your next best graphics card.

best graphics card
Factors You Need to Look for before buying the next best graphics card and while choosing the best graphics card for gaming

Factors To Consider Before Buying your Best Graphics Cards

1. Clock Frequency/Speed

Clock speed in GPU matters a lot when it comes to processing high-end games. The threshold for clock speed for optimum performance is 64 bits per second.

2. Power Supply

It is often the most underrated factor while choosing your next GPU. If your graphics card doesn’t receive the power it requires from the power unit of the cabinet, it can’t perform or process your games at the rate it is expected to. So, better you cross-check the power information carefully before choosing one of these bad boys for your games.

3. Cooling Capacity

A GPU often perform more task than a CPU in the cabinet. So it’s very natural for it to dissipate heat at a rapid rate than a CPU does. To make sure that your desktop doesn’t switch off in between your gaming session due to overheating issues verify the cooling system provided in the graphics card.

Please make sure that your card has a good heat sink and aerodynamic fans that drive the heat away from your cabinet. This will ensure your graphics card health for a long period of time.

4. Dimensions

Another overlooked yet most crucial factor before you bring home your best graphics card after a hell lot of research online. Check the form factor of the graphics card, so that it fits well inside your cabinet. It may happen every other factor fitting in place but your graphics card dimensions are not matching with your cabinet. To stay in the safe zone check once with your CPU cabinet vendor before buying a GPU. For this, we have specifically listed out the dimensions for all the graphics cards down below for you.

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Finally, let’s take a look at what options are there available right now to buy the best graphics card under a price of 15000 Rupees. These are some of our favourite cards for moderate gaming PCs in 2022.

Note: We have included the best low budget graphics cards which give adequate level gaming performance. And have sorted the list as the best graphics card for the money you are spending.

Best Graphics Cards Under 15000 of 2022.

1. Best Graphics Cards: ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1050 Ti mini ZT-P10510A-10L 4GB GDDR5

Best Graphics Cards Under 15000 Rupees
Graphics CoprocessorNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
Video Output InterfaceDisplayPort, DVI, HDMI
Graphics Chipset BrandNVIDIA
Graphics RAM Type‎GDDR5
Graphics Card InterfacePCI-E
Memory Clock Speed‎7000 MHz
Graphics Card Ram Size‎4 GB
Product Dimensions‎11.1 x 17.4 x 3.51 cm; 498.95 Grams

2. Best Graphics Cards: GeForce GT 1030 4GB DDR4 RAM

Best Graphics Cards Under 15000 Rupees
Graphics CoprocessorGeForce® GT 1030
Video Output InterfaceHDMI
Graphics Processor ManufacturerNVIDIA
Graphics RAM TypeGDDR4
Graphics Card InterfacePCI-E
Memory Clock Speed1152 MHz
Product Dimensions‎18.4 x 11.1 x 3.6 cm; 490 Grams

3. Best Graphics Cards: Gigabyte GV-N1030D4-2GL GeForce GT 1030

Best Graphics Cards Under 15000 Rupees
Graphics CoprocessorNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
Video Output InterfaceDVI, HDMI
Graphics Processor ManufacturerNVIDIA
Graphics RAM TypeDDR SDRAM
Graphics Card InterfacePCI-E
Memory Clock Speed2100 MHz
Product Dimensions15.01 x 6.91 x 1.5 cm

4. Best Graphics Cards: ZOTAC GeForce GT 730 4GB DDR3 ZONE Edition 

Best Graphics Cards Under 15000 Rupees
Graphics CoprocessorNvidia GeForce
Video Output InterfaceVGA, DVI, HDMI
Graphics Chipset BrandNVIDIA
Graphics RAM Type‎DDR3 SDRAM
Graphics Card InterfacePCI-E
Memory Clock Speed‎1600 MHz
Product Dimensions26.01 x 15.98 x 5.79 cm

5. Best Graphics Cards: Asus GeForce GT730 2GB PCI-e

Best Graphics Cards Under 15000 Rupees
Graphics CoprocessorNVIDIA GeForce GT 730
Video Output InterfaceVGA, DVI, HDMI
Graphics Chipset BrandNVIDIA
Graphics RAM Type‎DDR3 SDRAM
Graphics Card InterfacePCI-E
Memory Clock Speed902 MHz
Memory Storage Capacity2048 MB
Product Dimensions6.9 x 26.5 x 14.5 cm

Here we sum up our list of best budget graphics cards. Hope we could narrow down your list of choices to select the best graphics cards within your budget. If you have some more graphics cards in your mind just put them below in the comments we will add them to our list of best graphics cards to help our readers.

Last Words on Best Graphics cards

Before you decide to buy a graphics card, you should be very clear about what it is that you want from it. If it’s something such as high-quality gaming, then your budget will obviously be higher than if all you’re looking for is general multi-tasking at a reasonable frame rate. Above we have listed the best budget gaming graphics card which is efficient for moderate level gaming performance.

The important thing to remember here is that there’s never just one best graphics card for gaming or other graphics-intensive works; instead, think of each as its own best graphics card depending on your needs and requirements. In addition, make sure you pick up some good cooling fans along with your new GPU.

Happy shopping!

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