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3 Top Indian Search Engines You Never Heard in 2022

indian search engines list

If you are still wondering if there are any Indian Search Engines in 2021? then this post is for you. By now we all know about the “Digital India” initiative, whose vision is to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. Standing in 2021 a self-reliant India is a dream of millions.

And when it’s 2022, when every other thing is made possible with just a search. Do you want to shop for groceries? done, Do you want to order food tonight? done, Do you want to look for a better job? done, Do you want to book your next international trip? that too done. You see everything is just a search away.

And, here comes the necessity for a reliable and safe search engine. Hold on what do you mean by safe and reliable in the context of search engines? For instance, our search engine should not remember the food we ordered last night or the flight we booked for the next trip and show us targeted ads wherever we go on the internet. In fact, search engines anytime are our best friends and we don’t even hesitate to ask the most private question to it. In short, we don’t want it to track us every time what we are up to and share our data with third-party vendors.

So as a user we want to surf the internet peacefully without any concerns for data tracking and leaking issues. I think all of you would agree with me in this regard. So here we have listed 3 Top Indian Search Engines in which you can surf the web freely as much as you want. Because these engines do not collect and share your personal information like your search pattern, search behaviour, demography etc. So you can enjoy full privacy. Let’s dive in.

Best Indian Search Engines List

Onion Search – Indian Search Engine

indian search engines
Onion Search – Indian Search Engines

The official URL of this search engine is Onion ride is founded in 2020 by Tech ADR and This search engine surfaced so as to fill the gap of a private search engine that we were lacking previously. It understands the danger of exposing people search behaviour beforehand to various companies. And acts very strongly on users privacy issues. So it doesn’t collect your personal information because if the information isn’t collected, it can’t be stolen, demanded, leaked or abused. In a nutshell, it records your IP neither your search queries so surf without a headache of being monitored.

And the best part is this search engine also launched its own app in the play store. The name of the app is “Onion Browser – OC Privacy Layered Fast and Secure“.

Top Indian Search Engines
Onion Search – Indian Search Engines, Credit: Google play store

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Qmamu – Indian search engine

best indian search engines
Qmamu Search – Indian Search Engines

This is another gem of an Indian search engineQmamu“. The official link is It believes everyone has the right to access and search the web with true privacy. Qmamu the private Indian search engine was created in 2021 itself and was launched on 26th Jan 2021. It has the most simplified yet powerful search interface which enables us to private search, voice search and use other search functionalities. Qmamu understands the importance of your data so it provides a safe and secure browsing experience. It lets you browse without the fear of privacy. As they say, it is India’s own search engine.

Like onion ride, Qmamu also has its own app in the play store. The name of the app is “Qmamu Private Browser – Made in India“.

Top Indian Search Engines
Qmamu – Indian Search Engines, Credit: Google play store

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WECRIPT – Indian search engine

Top Indian Search Engines
WECRIPT- Indian Search Engines

Wecript is an Indian Search Engine developed by sKarn Robotics in 2019. The official URL for the search engine is It lets you control all your personal information online. Like all other search engines, it doesn’t track your data and neither stores them. It has an extra layer of security from data tracking and data leakage, safeguarding the users from privacy issues. Apart from private search this also has a feature to image search, safe search, fast search etc. So from the next time you don’t need to be concerned about your privacy wecript has got your back. Additionally, they added tons of safety features in their app like self destruct messages, reset secure sessions etc.

The name of its app in the play store is “Wecript – Incognito Fast Browser

indian search engines list
Wecript app – Indian Search Engines, Credit: Google play store

Indian search engines FAQ

Is there any Indian search engine?

Yes, India has plenty of its own private search engines which very few people are aware of. Some of them are Qmamu, Onion ride, Wecript etc.

Which is the No 1 search engine in India?

Google is the number 1 search engine in India. But also India has its own search engines like Onion ride, Qmamu etc.

Last Words – Indian search engines

Though there are more search engines based in India however these 3 are the best of Indian Search Engines. If you spend a huge chunk of the day surfing the web then these 3 can be your best friend in protecting you from information leakage. Also, you don’t have to worry about being tracked. So your search pattern and behaviour are absolutely safe in these browsers so no tracker can follow you on the internet. What else do you want from a search engine?

And also if you support the “Make In India and Digital India” initiative, it is time to support the developers of these browsers. Their applications deserve a place in the list of best search engines globally.

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